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The first crucial step between a successful career and having a job is a white paper document, which highlights what you have done so far and how convincing you can be with that paper. If you are convincing enough, you will be invited for a one on one conversation which is called an interview process. The white paper, we just talked about is called a resume. A resume is filled with a summary of your achievements and highlights your skills, which can help your prospective employer to identify if you are the right fit for a job they have at hand.

By this premise, the concept of resume writing might sound very easy and basic. However, what is interesting is the fact that an employer receives numerous resumes, so how can you make your resume different? How can you ensure that your resume is thoroughly read by the employer and can give you an opportunity for that interview call? This is where the difficult part comes in. We are going to talk about common mistakes that should not be repeated when you are working on your resume or a profile. This will help you have a close eye on how you should structure your profile?

Avoid misleading facts

Out of desperation for the job they want, candidates usually try to perfect their resumes by exactly giving out things required in the application. During this effort, they often present misleading or fabricated facts, something that they haven’t done, but is mentioned in the resume. This is one of the most cynical and can be an embarrassing mistake if the employer finds out. It not only damages your reputation forever within the organization, but also in the future if you meet that person they will always makes sure your credibility is something not to be trusted.

Do not emphasize on the number of pages

The number of pages you have in your resume is something that does not guarantee a job. Your resume should be very comprehensive and strong instead of based on the number of different pages. You might be better off with dividing your resume into different sections, but never take the length of your profile for more than a page or two. Employers do not have time to breeze through the number of pages, but all they would want is a quick glance of what you have covered?

Writing paragraphs and lengthy discussions

Your resume is not basically an essay, so writing paragraphs and discussion based points is another big mistake. A resume should always be point based, where you clearly mention achievement oriented descriptions, rather than generic and vague ones. Never have your resume based on different paragraphs, but always keep it in points.

The problem with being too intimate

Within their resumes candidates make the mistake of being too intimate or intimidated, this is another common mistake not to be repeated. Your resume should be professional enough, without mentioning personal aspects of your life as the employers are not interested in knowing whether you have two kids or your wife lives abroad.

Author Bio

John Kelly is a famous HR recruiter for a firm in the United Kingdom. He is famously known for getting people hired by advising on different aspects of career and job hunting. Currently he is working online custom paper writing service – for providing tips of writing resumes and deal with HR Correspondence to the students who are willing to get new jobs.