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Your next steps to successfully building relationships

Research shows that the most successful HR Professionals are able to build strong and enduring relationships with their leadership teams. Their high credibility enables them to influence the way people are managed as well as implement HR strategies which are aligned with organisational objectives.

The first blog on building relationships outlined what high performing HR Professionals do and how they think; the second on how you can implement a five step plan to improve your relationship building skills.

Here are a few hints and tips as to what you can do immediately to enhance your relationship building skills:

  • Identify new stakeholders, key decision makers and change agents to build relationships with
  • Actively support others to develop their relationship building skills
  • Actively look to expand your ‘zone of influence’ and profile beyond your immediate area
  • Seek out HR colleagues who are excellent at building relationships and shadow them
  • Find ways to enhance your credibility through what and how you deliver
  • Take more risks by challenging behaviours and processes which stop collaborative relationships
  • Develop your understanding of how to build productive relationships
  • Spend more time and effort on building your own effective network

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