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Resumes are the gateway to jobs. Which is why, it is absolutely necessary that your resume stands out and is free from silly mistakes. The key to writing a good resume is to keep it as brief as possible, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Most of the candidates, who are not able to construct their resumes/curriculum vitae the correct way, usually are not able to write an appealing work statement either and their resumes are sent to the trash by the HR departments in the initial filtering stage. But, if you do manage to write a good work statement, then the only thing which decides your fate is how you’ve prepared your resume (and of course, the experience of other candidates!)

Most experienced HR specialists are able to identify the quality of a resume or a CV by just taking a look at the first line, therefore it is important that you pay extra attention to the words you’re going to use and that you make no mistakes. The biggest and the most common mistakes people usually make while writing their resumes (and ultimately getting rejected), include:

• Grammatical/Spelling Mistakes:

Grammatical errors and typos are a MAJOR turn-off for the folks working for HR. Make sure that the grammar is perfect and that the vocabulary you have used is appropriate & most importantly, spelled correctly. One small mistake and your resume goes directly into the shredder, therefore it is vital that you read it several times before sending it in. Scan it with a grammar-check software, such as “Grammarly”, if you have to.

• Imprecise Information:

Adding inaccurate information about your education, extra-curricular, experience or even personal records is a major no-no. Just be who you are, there is no need to lie to get your dream job, because if the firm detects even a slight hint of imprecise information, you will be rejected immediately and could even face charges for being a fraud if the lie is a tad high.

• Long Details:

You’ve already heard this before, but keeping your resume as brief as possible is essential. You should know that the HR probably has to go through a hundred resumes/CVs per day, and they won’t be interested in reading about that small con that you arranged in your town once! Briefly mention your credentials, the skills and experience which are ONLY relevant to the job you’re applying for and you’re good to go. Sell yourself, but don’t overdo it!

• Cringing Designs:

While it may sound like a good idea to make your resume creative by adding a few designs and appealing fonts if you know how to, it is recommended that you try to avoid it. Some firms reject resumes with ridiculous designs and comic-sans immediately. So, why risk it? Try to keep your resume as simple and elegant as possible.

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