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After the students have endured the abuse of multiple educational institutes and have finally completed their degree, there is only one thing left to do: job hunting. Finding a job is just as, if not more, difficult as the entire educational career itself. That is because students don’t know how to make a comprehensive CV. There is so much information that they want to put in there, but because of the format of the résumé that is just not possible. That is where the cover letter comes in.

What exactly is a cover letter?

If it is the first time that you have heard of the cover letter or you don’t know much about it, then here is a quick explanation: a cover letter is a document like a CV and it is sent along the CV when applying for the job. The difference is that the cover letter includes things like what makes you the perfect candidate for the post you are applying for, why did you choose this company and the position to apply for etc. The cover letter is more personal than a CV.

Now you know what a cover letter is. If you are wondering how to write one then keep on reading to find out the key points of writing a great cover letter. Let’s discuss those points here:

• Keeping it formal
Although a cover letter is less formal than a CV, there are still some formatting rules that need to be followed. It is best if you follow the business formatting as it will give your cover letter a professional look.

• Telling how you are the best person for the job
The CV can present all your degrees in a neat and tidy manner, but only a cover letter can explain why you are best suited for the job. And that can be done if you tell about your experience or skills and how they can help you perform your best on the job that you are applying for.

You can also list your accomplishments in a more detailed way than it is possible in the résumé. Just remember to not list too much unnecessary details and only list those details that are actually related to the job.

• Do not copy
While looking up the tips and tricks of writing a good cover letter is fine, you should never copy someone else’s cover letter. You should tell your story in your own words to make the strongest impression.

IT is a given that the person who is going through the CVs has read a ton of cover letters and will instantly recognize a copied one. So it is in your best interest to write your own cover letter.

• Proofread
A cover letter is all about making a good impression on the person who is doing the hiring. And if your cover letter is full of spelling or grammatical mistakes, then that is not possible. That is why you should always proofread your cover letter several times before sending it along with your CV. (The same goes for the CV itself!)

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