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A modern cover letter has to focus on the company, it also needs to express a genuine interest in the company and show that you know how you may help the company. You have to describe your experiences in a story-like format that must be associated with the information given in your resume. You should relate your experiences and skills to the job requirements. Your cover letter must be focused on the company you are applying for not just to yourself.

There are some necessary guidelines for writing an impressive cover letter:

Select the Type of cover letter:

There are various types of cover letter for different types of job and positions. It is important to select a cover letter type that will be suitable for the job you are applying for.

Describe your skills for the job:

You have to read the job description cautiously and pick skills from the job description. Show these skills and give examples of how you have utilized these skills in the past.

Keep your letter short and clear:

The recruiters spend less time on reading your cover letter and they want to read something to the point. Use the first paragraph of your letter as an intro, the second for the summary of your career and in the third paragraph outline your some specific accomplishments that are applicable to the potential job and give a conclusion.

Co-ordinate your cover letter with the resume:

You have to craft your cover letter so that it is coordinated with your resume. Do not only repeat your resume in paragraph form but you have to discuss previous work experiences and abilities which must be associated with the skills required by the recruiter of the company. Use the same quality paper for the letter as you have used for your resume.

Write your letter to focus upon your targeted job:

You have to write your cover letter according to your targeted job and make it relevant as much as possible for the job.

Proofread your cover letter:

Your letter should be free from every kind of errors. After completing your letter cautiously read it two or three times and identify your mistakes if you have made, then correct them. Spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes means your letter will be read in a negative way and will not create any positive impression.

Thing should be avoided:

It is inspiring to be motivated and passionate but putting a wish to advance and be promoted in the letter may cause apprehension about higher salary demands for employers.

Customize your letter for the company’s culture:

Tailor your cover letter according to the company’s culture that you are applying for. If the company has a formal culture then you have to use the traditional phrases like Mr/Ms and have a clear-cut style.

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