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The decision of choosing a career path is one of the most crucial and difficult decisions an individual makes in their life. The decision an individual takes can shape the entire life of that individual, either in a good way or bad way. However, the key advice every professional gives to students is that they must follow their passion instead of focusing on the demand and supply of labor in that field. The latter is undoubtedly an important factor to consider but it never ensures success in life.

A vast majority chooses business management, administration, accounting and HR as their career path because these fields are not boring and not specific to any one concept. The flexibility such career paths provide to students is amazing because they can think out of the box and introduce improvisations in organizational operations. Starting a career in HR may not be very difficult but surviving in it and more importantly, progressing in it is quite a challenge. HR professionals have a significant responsibility within a firm as they are responsible for the actions and efficiency of the entire labor force.

Following are the key tips for college students regarding a career in HR as they step into the professional life:

1) Choose a relevant major:

While you may listen to people suggesting that you must study whatever you like at undergraduate level, it is better to choose a relevant major at this stage. Undergraduate programs allow significant flexibility in terms of choosing courses. So even if you choose a major in business management or HR, you might still be able to study a few courses from anthropology or history. The greatest benefit of studying HR management from the very beginning of college life is that you will have a strong understanding of the subject which means your creativity in HR management will be better than many others.

2) Spend breaks in corporate internships:

Internship is the first step towards corporate success because it is finally the time to see the world out of books. Almost every organization in several industries require HR employees to look after the recruitment process, efficiency at work and productivity levels so you will have the option to work in HR department while studying through corporate internships. Although not all internship programs pay you a decent stipend, the main aim at this stage should be learning and exposure to professional environment.

3) Experience the HR departments of student-run societies:

Apart from corporate internships, there is an even earlier method of gaining HR experience similar to that of in a corporation. This can be done through involvement in student-run societies. These societies are usually divided into departments and HR department is always there. Through society work, you get to know the true work of HR and get to learn a number of new things related to this field. You also get some idea of whether or not the profession is for you.

The HR in societies obviously differs from that in an organization so you must be able to accept the differences as you begin your first corporate internship.

While these are the key tips for starting a successful career in HR, you must have certain qualities like communication skills, confidence and punctuality among others.

Author bio:

Adam Cornell is a senior career advisor at a college in Mississauga Assignment Help He studied Anthropology in graduate school and has been serving in academic for eight years.