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India is considered one of the world’s most powerful outsourcing hubs. Everyone with labor capacity is being set to work in call centers, collecting and answering calls from around the world, or shipped off to West Asia to work in a variety of laborious jobs. It has contributed quite a large chunk of income to India’s economy. Outsourced jobs can be a good way for people to earn a living. However, certain issues have to be addressed when it comes to outsourced jobs. After all, there is no foolproof plan in anything. Here are a few issues that India faces when the word “outsourcing” is encountered.

Closer ties, Economic Bonds

India has started moving towards other countries, especially the UAE, for economic reasons. Recently, the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, visited UAE, where he was welcomed personally by the crown prince and his family. This only speaks too well of the UAE’s eagerness to establish ties with India.

The reasons are most likely economic. The UAE and India have agreed to set up a fund for India’s infrastructure. India’s economy seems to be feasible for the UAE to ally itself with. India also continues to supply the UAE with young, educated and skilled manpower services, while the UAE gives its surpluses to India. This may look like a win-win situation, but for one, India might want to take control of its own manpower and economy, which might be difficult due to the lack of jobs. As to be discussed later, Prime Minister Modi is not too pleased with the number of skilled workers leaving India to work overseas.

Online Shipping

Recently, a new system was put in place to hire Indian workers online. It requires recruitment services in Dubai to sign up with the Indian Embassy, to protect the workers. For now, it is only for blue-collar workers and nurses, but soon it will be applied to all jobs. It is also currently open to employers aiming to hire 150 workers or more, but hopes to widen the margin to at least 20 workers.

A Job Away From Home

Recently, Prime Minister Modi urged young Indian workers to stay home. He believes that all the outsourcing that India is doing is causing a “brain drain,” where skilled, educated workers are being shipped off overseas, leaving none of the pie for home base. However, with the lack of jobs that India faces, this may be difficult. If workers are to be incentivised to stay in India, then jobs with stable, livable salaries must be created.

Many overseas workers are also forced to choose between family and career. It is important for workers to have a stable job and bring home money to their families, but meanwhile, their parent’s age and there is no one to take care of them. It is not an easy decision to make, and yet not enough Indians choose family due to economic reasons. Outsourcing labor is quickly turning into a fiery subject, difficult to tackle.

Author Bio:

Mark Long is a writer who discusses information about the issues affecting manpower services and recruitment services in Dubai, aiming to give his readers the insights they need on a vital topic.