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The more the technology gets advanced, the more it affects our lives. Since past few years, it has been advancing continuously. So, here we will dive into some sociological impacts of technology. But before getting started, you must know some recent technology advancements.

Your Fridge requires Facebook Account:

It might sound crazy but it is right that your fridge needs a Facebook account or at least a Log in for it. LG has introduced a fridge with Wi-Fi capabilities so that it can send you an email when shopping time comes around. It has made anything possible with Wi-Fi access and an Operating System. You can automatically order your fridge about what groceries are required to be bought from an online delivery service weekly, and it will do so.
It is one of the crazy yet amazing technologies advancements.


The mobile industry is booming with continuous advancements of new technologies in mobile devices. Remember that mobile devices are not only your cell phones now, they are a way more than it. They are your iPod, iPad, Chromebook and pretty much everything that you can find in an on-the-go device. Also, the competition between the companies in mobile industry is incredible. Where Samsung is setting new standards for processing speeds, Apple is developing new features on the iPhones continuously. And let’s not forget the highly talented app developers. Without their back-to-back amazing products, we’d be lost. There is also actual networking of phones along with the development of hardware and software. You are capable of contacting anyone from anywhere across the world, country, state, neighborhood, house, and even the room. Not only that it makes you reach them but it is fast and most importantly reliable. 

Sociological Impacts

Now just get started with the sociological impacts of technology with a simple poll here. How many of you send texts to your friends daily? Do you have more conversations with them through technology or in person? It is quite clear that people are moving towards a more technology-driven life rather than face-to-face interactions. Including everyone, society needs to use technology for communication every time. It seems that we would be completely lost with even minimal communication without it.

Looking at the current and upcoming generation, we can see it clearly that the society won’t get away from the idea of using technology as its primary method of communication. There are so many young children who use their iPhones, iPads, and laptops, and it is not a surprising news.

It is not that the technology is ruining our society, but it is dumbing the society down for sure. Face-to face communication, writing in proper English, doing basic math without the help of a calculator; we are removing these basic necessity of skills. No matter what the age is, texting alone has made a huge impact on spellings, grammar, and punctuation skills of everyone. While these technologies are made to make our lives easier and teach us things that we didn’t know; we are using it to correct us, move on, and forget. Note: If a spell check says that the spelled word is wrong, you must make note of it, correct it, and remember.


As for current generation, the final words of advice would be to not rely on technology heavily to live your life. You must control over your life. Teach yourself basic skills without the use of technology otherwise we will struggle to move on as a society. Also, it is essential to not forget the technologies completely because without them too, we will be unable to move forward. Because technology has made learning, having fun, making friends, and having fun so much easier that it won’t be right regarding it as our enemy.

Author Bio:

Alex Smith is a blogger who writes about different topics including wildlife, technology, video games, and a lot more. He earned a fast bachelors degree from an online institution. After completing his graduation, he started travelling that made him love nature. When he is not working really hard, you may find him in a park along with his dog.