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For the healthy growth of everything there are is two dimensional strategy that is important and inevitable. That two dimensional theory proposes the first dimension as positive and the second as negative. Emphasize on the positive aspects of a thing for its healthy growth while the second dimension demands to eradicate all the harmful aspects that can be a barrier in the way of healthy growth of that thing.

Just like that this human resource management needs a two dimensional agenda. In my personal observation I have read and seen a lot of things that can be attributed to the first dimension of this theory while the second dimension has always been ignored or not given much importance. Take a lot at different articles, blogs and theories that keep on stressing on the factors that should be attained by an HRM to boost up the human resource factors but they very merely talk or write about the things that an HRM should avoid or eliminate in or from their practices.

This post will discuss the things that are harmful for HRM practices and every human resource management should avoid it strictly.

1. Recruitment glitches

Make sure that you recruit on the basis of position criteria. Your recruitment has to be strong and meaningful. Your hiring is the first step in every company’s progress and productivity. It is the sort of employees and staff that work together to decide the destiny of a company’s business existence.

Avoid all that leads to poor recruitment. Under quality hiring will always cause never ending problems to the company.

2. Seniority Complex

Never ever let this ego problem be the part of your professional functioning. This ego problem that some HR officers or managers have, has caused serious level deficits. Potential and hard working loyal employees feel insecure and uncomfortable in an environment where a senior manager expects an extra ordinary treatment. Where his ego is to be satisfied by every one working in the company.

Sometimes a senior manager is insecure of a new recruit who is more energetic, qualified and experienced than a senior manager in the company. Make sure your organizational structure is safe from this as it is equivalent to cancer for a company.

3. Underestimating the loyal ones

Always avoid under estimating even those who are below the average performers. An HR officer or manager is supposed to be moral booster or motivating force within the organization rather than being a critical analyzer. Your role in the company is not of an inspector but rather a catalyst. You improve the working conditions and resolve the problems.

This proposes that the honest, hardworking and loyal employees need to be recognized. If you underestimate them you will lose either them or probably their performance.

4. Obstructive Behavior.

Be a support of your employees in every position or situation no matter what. It is often observed that employees tend to be allergic of HR officers and managers. Your department needs to be so influential that every employee in time of a need or support should rely on you. In case of any situation the first thought in an employee’s mind for support should be the HR officers or managers.

Author’s Bio:-

An experience business manager in an offshore business company by the name Andrew Davies has written this article. He has been a students’ counselor providing dissertation help to the needy ones. The guy is an educationist and a business expert at the same time.