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Every successful human resource department understands that communication is the most vital facet of every successful business to operate at its highest possible level. To do so, HR departments are constantly searching for the most innovative technology to allow for their communication to improve.

Installing digital signage around your work place can improve internal communication, and, in turn, make your business run smoother and the HR department’s jobs that much easier.Corporate digital signage for HR departments is best used for…

Improving inter-departmental or inter-office communication

As corporations and businesses grow in size so to do their departments. What could have previously been a marketing and sales department might expand into two different departments, and eventually into two different offices. As companies grow, communication between departments becomes rather difficult, making it the job for HR to keep all departments in the loop, which can prove to be challenging.

Digital signage offers a realistic alternative to more traditional forms of internal business communication, such as email threads, which too often do not reach everyone, and can be laborious. Having employee-facing digital signage screens can keep the sales department up to date with the latest marketing campaigns, and the marketing department up to date with the latest sales targets. This allows the HR department to focus on other more important aspects of their job.

Increasing exposure for company events

Every successful corporation values its staff, and aims to build trust and improve business efficiency through regular team activities. Whether your business has undertaken a charitable project, is providing a training day, or is simply organising a work party, there needs to be a platform to get the message across to everyone.

Suffice to say too often generic colleague emails will be ignored or skimmed over, resulting in colleagues missing out on information. Using digital signage can be a captivating platform to make sure that company ran events are receiving the full exposure they deserve. Not only can this be effective tool preceding an event, but following an event digital signage can be an engaging tool to display the key take-aways from an event, such as a training day.

Reinforcing your brand image and company values

A company’s brand is important to its employees as it is to the market that is targeting. After all, a business reflects its staff and its staff reflect the business. Using digital signage serves as an effective way to display the values that your company has, further resonating within your employees.

Motivating staff

It is the job of HR departments to keep morale high in an office, and resolve any issues surrounding this. Digital signage screens around the office have a large amount of practical potential. For example, displaying weather and traffic reports within the final 30 minutes of operating hours to employees. Or, perhaps, displaying the dates of upcoming staff birthdays. It is small gestures like this that can ultimately keep colleague’s motivation high, which, in turn, will create for a more efficiently ran business.

Author Bio:
Mario Troullis is the director and CEO of TrouDigital, who have been fitting bespoke digital signage solutions for just under a decade to corporate environments. Mario is passionate about providing the digital signage to corporations, helping aid business communication, engagement and efficiency.