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Being an HR professional is no easy task.  We know, we’ve been there, got the t-shirt, seen the sights, fought the battles.  But sometimes there are little things that can make a difference.

Like taking pride in being in HR.

The next time you’re down, hammered by the latest performance management process or the salary review, take a step back and remember, without you;

  •           Nobody would get paid
  •           Senior managers would spend their lives in court defending the organisation
  •           People wouldn’t get recruited
  •           People wouldn’t get sacked
  •           Nobody would know what their job was
  •           If employees did know what their job was, they wouldn’t have the skills to do it
  •           The best people would leave
  •           Employees would get paid differently for doing the same job; and know it
  •           The organisation couldn’t translate strategy into action
  •           Employees would become demotivated
  •           Competitors would outperform you
  •           The organisation would either become bankrupt or be taken over.

You are the potential lynch pin to your organisation’s success!

Can you think of some more?  Send them to us.