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Video interviews offer many advantages for employers. Money is saved on travel arrangements and time is saved on tedious scheduling. Employers also typically expand applicant pools when they no longer have to rely heavily on who is geographically convenient for interviews. At the same time, video interviews offer advantages for job seekers who know how to handle them. Follow the tips below to turn video interview benefits into a better chance at landing the job.

Take Advantage of One-Way Video Interview Platforms

Some employers conduct initial screening interviews via a one-way video interview. Candidates are provided with a set of questions and record their responses at their convenience. Hiring teams can then review the responses at their convenience without having to spend time scheduling and conducting the interview directly. Organizations have the option to make candidates record their responses under pressure or give them the option to re-record their response and ensure they give the best possible answer. 

When Possible, Test the Technology

Technology isn’t perfect, and glitches always seem to occur at the worst time. Performing a tech check before a video interview is the best way to ensure that an interview proceeds smoothly. Testing your webcam, microphone, or mobile device before the interview will help you identify and alleviate most technical issues. It is also recommended that you find a reliable Internet connection to avoid interrupting your interview with connection errors. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the available support, as they can efficiently resolve any issues that you may be experiencing.

Stay on Point

Whether you’re in a pre-recorded or live video interview, stay on point you’re your answers. Look at the camera, show enthusiasm for the topic and job position, and avoid rambling. With pre-recorded video interviews, the interviewer isn’t there to respond or cut you off, so it’s up to you to manage your answers and come to a logical conclusion. Sometimes, you only have a certain amount of time to provide your response, which makes it even more important to stay concise.

Anchor Your Video Camera

Mobile devices provide you with a convenient way to join a video interview, but you must use them effectively. Human resource director Chris Brown points out that using a handheld phone camera to conduct a video interview gives the impression that you’re trying out for a spot in the next “Blair Witch Project.” When hiring managers remember your interview, it’s important to stand out in a positive way. Don't leave a negative impression because the interviewer had to stare dizzily at your bobbing face. To avoid this, use a computer and webcam or anchor your phone with an upright stand or case.

Appearance is Still Important

Dress for success, at least from the waist up, when dealing with video interviews. Wear professional clothing, comb your hair, and, if appropriate, wear makeup and accessories that would be considered appropriate in the workplace of which you are interviewing. While pants might be optional, especially if you’re interviewing from home, it’s probably a good idea to dress all the way. Your phone could topple from a table, or you could move to reach a piece of paper. The last thing a potential interviewer needs is a quick glimpse at your bare legs and underwear.

Video interviews make it more likely your interview will happen, and they remove geographic limits for job seekers who can’t travel just for an interview. Video interviews also help you feel more comfortable as you can conduct the interview on your home turf. By approaching video interviews with confidence and following the above tips, you can boost your chances of being hired.


About the author

Kyle Mahon is a Project Manager at VidCruiter. With a background in psychology and marketing, he offers a unique perspective on the impact of HR technology, video interviewing, and other industry trends.