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Only an experienced HR guy knows that all the interviews are not same. There is a huge difference in taking the interview for the executive level and the managerial level. You cannot count every applicant in the same line. If you do this, you will not meet your objectives of taking the interview for the vacant positions. That is why it is important to know what questions are for the managers and what for any other designation.

There are many articles and blogs for the job applicants on the internet written by the professional writers who also provide the services like essay service UK. But in this article, you are going to find the tips for the recruiters to take the interview of the person who is applied for the managerial post.

Ask about his problem-solving abilities:

This is the responsibility of the manager to solve the problems of the employees if they are facing some. These problems can be related to the work and can be the office politics which always affect the team performance. You have to ask him to describe his problem-solving abilities. You have to make sure that the words the applicant to choose to describe his abilities are describing him properly or he is just trying to pass the questions. Remember, problem-solving abilities is the basic requirement of managerial post that is why you should keep your emphasis on this ability.

How does the applicant like to work?

After getting a conclusive answer for your first question, now this is the time to turn towards his work nature. Ask about his style of work and how he or she likes to work. Is he prefers to work alone or in the team? This is important to know because, for the managerial post, you need a guy who prefers to work in the team and have the ability to lead the team. You do not need a team member but a team leader for this job. That is why without getting a conclusive answer of this question, do not go further.

What is the definition of success for you?

The managers are also responsible for evaluating their teams and the projects that they get assigned from the top management. That is why it is important to ask questions related to the evaluations. Instead of asking directly about their evaluating methods, ask this question indirectly. Success and failure are the two results that we get after evaluating. Which can become the question for evaluation too. Ask about their definition of success.

What will your plan to meet the targets?

The manager is responsible on behalf of his team for achieving the goals. Meeting the targets is also important for the company as a whole which is why it is important for you to find a person who can do this for you. Every manager creates his plan or framework to meet the goals and targets. Asking questions regarding the applicant’s plan and framework will give you an idea how much experienced the applicant is and to which extent this guy can go to meet the targets.

How do you take the criticism?

There is a simple answer to this question, and we all know what it is. Positively! This is the word which you are going to listen after asking this question. However, you should look for something else than this. This is a close-ended question but also an opportunity for the applicant to express himself better. That is why shortlist the applicant who starts giving the details about him and how he take the criticism. The best answer that I got from one of the applicants is that he doesn’t give a chance to anyone for criticizing him. He makes sure that he does not leave anything from his side which can lead him to criticism. If he still gets criticized for something, then he takes it “positively” and try to make sure that this mistake doesn’t happen again. This is how a good manager copes with the questions like this.

What do you expect from us?

Expectations are something which doesn’t have any limits. Being a manager in any company, you would like to get a big paycheck and some other perks because you are applied for a decision-making post. Things like this show that the applicant is more concern about his self than for the organization. You need a manager who demands the things which are important for his performance. A good employ is the one whose work demands personal benefits than his words. That is why you should only shortlist the applicant who demands those things from you which is important for the official work.

Moreover, this question can also give an idea about the experience of the applicant. People with the experiences will ask the things which he never gets in his career. He will also share some stories from you that is why it is important to keep this question in last because it will make entire picture clear for you.

Author bio:
Joseph Gonzales is a Master in Human Resource Management from the Bradford University and has worked in numerous top-notch recruiting companies.