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Everyone wants to get the most in the result of a negotiation process without compromising relationship which seems difficult but not impossible especially when you have efficient and soft negotiation skills to advocate your interests. Some might prefer relationships than interests every time they walk into a negotiation process and of course this is not right to put your interest aside only to save a relationship that can deliver nothing to you. Some other people think that they have only two choices; either they can be very nice to avoid hard feelings or can be tough to get what they want. In reality this is absolutely wrong and if they follow few tips given below, they can easily get better outcomes along with everlasting relationship.

Don’t Be in A Rush

When you start negotiation, take your proper time rather than just squeezing yourself into it as you need to understand other people that what they want, how they work and how they will act on your demands. Before formal negotiation if you are able to have a little gossip, it will help you learn about them and will be very helpful in later stages of negotiation. The most important thing about earlier gossip is that it creates a bond between you which later helps to reach on an agreement of your choice. 

Keep the Ball in Your Pocket  

Expert negotiators don’t put only their demands but they have some carefully chosen questions in their mind which they ask so they can understand other party interests in much better and clearer way. If you simply ask what they actually want, you might not be able to figure out their interests and strengths. Instead, you need to be more specific in designing your question like what would the purpose of something they want from you and in this way, the ball will be in your pocket. 

Take it As Problem Solver

When you are negotiating, never take it as only your problem but take it as a problem solving discussion between two parties. If you think it as an aggressive move to protect your rights, it will be difficult for you to look at the other side of story and this will end up with no solution to the problem. Rather it should be taken as join venture for solving problems for which you have to keep both parties interest as well as the possible solutions in focus. Positive and innovation way of negotiation can help you achieve your targets while your relationship is still in good state.

Sum Up Accomplishment

You might have many things in common which need to be given more focus. Therefore, instead of focusing only on your interest, use the words that show the interest of both. This will also make others realize that you have interest to work together in future too. During negotiation when you see you are stuck on an issue, don’t move a head but take a pause and sum up accomplishment you people have already made.


The secret of effective negotiation lies in understanding other party demands, interests and their strengths that how much they can deliver to you. You can’t try to bend them if they are not flexible enough as this will definitely put your relationship at risk. Therefore, you must make sure to figure out how much they can easily give you.

About Author:

Simone Riley is a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive and Brain Sciences from Tufts University.  Writing is her passion and likes to write on human behavior. She recently works with Done Coursework as a consoler and academic writer.