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Finding a suitable work opportunity is equally challenging for both experienced and fresh graduates. The activity becomes more difficult for candidates who don’t possess any experience, as most of them are not aware with entry level career opportunities. Years ago, newly graduated students, are suggested to submit their resume with a cover letter, without mentioning any specific job position. Traditional hiring process unnecessarily extends the overall time, as employers prefer to entertain those CVs on priorities that are submitted for specific vacancies. Luckily, now a day’s fresh graduates can avail the services of employment agencies to join a suitable career path according to their skills and qualifications. Such professional agencies can better direct students to acquire a suitable career in their relevant fields.

Despite offering several benefits, you might have heard negative comments from job seekers about their personal experiences with hiring firms. This can confuse candidates, as they observe entirely opposite experiences of people with the firms offering the same kind of services. The difference may be due to the wrong choices, they might have made, as they are not familiar with the types of staffing companies available to serve.

How to choose the right types of recruitment agency?

In order to choose the most suitable recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi, it is necessary to understand the differences between the kinds of staffing agencies operating across the city you are living. Generally, such companies operate on national levels and provide employment services for all sectors. They can efficiently execute the needs of applicants who are not seeking any specialized role in a specific industry or sector. As they are dealing with all sectors in nearly all industries, applicants willing to acquire specific career should not work with them. Rather, they should consider working with the firms that specializes to offer employment services for specific sector in specific industries. Perhaps, you have spent a significant amount of time to avail any degree to become a qualified professional in a specific field; working with industry specific agencies can be a great help for you. Irrespective of the type of firm it is necessary to ensure their capabilities to execute your needs.

Important things to consider

Below I am sharing few important things to consider while deciding to work with a hiring company.

1. Does the company actually tackle work and career opportunities for the industry you are interested to join. You can simply verify it after checking their website and brochures. This not only improves the success chances, but also reduces total time span to find a suitable opening.

2. Secondly, ask them to show the list of vacancies they possess to offer clients. This will give you an initial idea about the available options and empowers you to take the right decision. Although, nearly all the agencies accept general CVs with cover letters, it is suggested to join apply to specific positions.

3. As you are not directly negotiating with an employer, don’t hesitate to reveal the skills and expertise you have in front of the interviewer. Thousands of graduates completed their degrees every year and started searching job in their field. Sell yourself to stand out among the number of applicants.

4. Soon after receiving an interview call from an employer, ask your staffing officer about the position you are chosen for. Also ask him about the interview process in that firm. Usually, companies take written test along with verbal interview session. If you already know about the process you can better prepare to face the situation.


Despite being simple, considering these simple tips and tricks will help you to select the most suitable recruitment company to execute career needs.

About the author:

Sheharyar Ahmed is a Digital Marketer, Working with Recruitment Agency in Dubai. He writes about HR recruitment tips, leadership, HR Management and in particular UAE. He likes guitar and linux mint. Also a business coach and author of local News Paper.