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New HR managers are quite ambitious to impress their bosses. Although they have relative degrees and a very little experience at the present moment but still they have to learn so many things over the time.  Here, it is essential to hold all the ambitiousness because a lot more opportunities will come to their way for proving their personal intellect.

If you are one from those newly appointed managers, then first and foremost, it is very important to recognize that you have to build up good work relationships with your colleagues and bosses. By this, you will learn more about their personalities, previous work experiences and most importantly, the overall work environment of the organization. If it’s your first day, then be friendly (but not too overly).

Moreover, you must learn not to be too judgmental about employees. Everyone has its own past experiences (good or bad) and there is no need to poke your nose into someone’s personal matters. As you are new in the organization, hence different people will tell you different stories regarding previous issues. You need to give them an impression that you are least interested in old stories and want to start a new career with great positivity, courage and motivation.

As you are a new HR manager, your colleagues will expect immediate resolution of certain issues. They may include no salary raise, annual leave cancellation, wrong late check-in records, late bonus issuance etc. There are three ways to answer them immediately. Yes, no or will see! Being diplomatic can be very beneficial for you. For the time being, you can easily cool down the burning questions which are disturbing you constantly and you will get enough time to discuss them with the bosses.

Overconfidence can harm you initially if you pose an ample amount of arrogance and smartness while solving any organizational matter. Your boss may want to test your personality by asking you certain questions like do you know this thing or that topic. He will surely keep a check on your daily routine, attitude and abilities by asking some questions to other employees. Be honest with your replies and never pretend to be a jack of all trades. 

Taking active part in discussions regarding the improvement of organization’s work performance, increasing rate of productivity, employee’s issues and other activities is yet another great way to win credibility (but this can be applicable only if your boss ask you to do so as you are new).

Attaining early success by building up the credibility is one of your biggest achievements from the settled list of your future goals. Perform well and prove yourself the right selection for this great HR role!

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