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Organizations run their success by a combination and simultaneous operations of various departments within them. There are departments from administration to finance to billing and clerical work each having their own worth and importance. Just like a car runs on different components of the engine some of them if broken can still make the car have enough capacity to run for a particular journey, some of them if broken have no effect on the car over short term or long term, they are there just to support it, while others if broken can instantly stop and break down the car. Similarly, organizations also have such mechanisms of operation. Within the organization there are departments without which, organizations will cease to exist, while without others, it might run for a particular duration of time.

The importance of each department is what can make or break a firm. Consider the example of a human resource department within the organization. Human resources might be the most shadowed and underrated department around the world. The importance of which only a few leaders realize, but if you come to think over it you will notice that it has the real capacity of making or breaking your firm over a long term. The extend of disregards to human resources in some organizations is such that they just completely remove the department and hire a third party firm for HR related duties. Today, our focus will be on highlighting how the human resource department has the capacity to either make or break your firm in the following sections of the article.

They can find talent to either make you or destroy you

Human resources have the basic job of finding the right people for the right positions. For them organization is like a puzzle where every piece needs to fit in perfectly to operate, now imagine one piece going wrong how weird will the puzzle look? Similarly, one wrong hiring for an important position can lead to chaos within the internal departments of the organizations and that is just one wrong hiring. Imaging hiring a pool of the wrong people or similarly hiring the perfect people. Imagine if they hire the best possible people in the organization and opportunities, how well your organization will perform?

They can drive the organization on track

With some of the most effective human resource and compensation policies, this department can make your organization run on the right track for years. It also has the capacity to fine tune every now and then if it digresses from the track. This is where the talent management and consultancy for your effective human resources people come in.

They can make your employees loyal

With the best compensation and growth structures properly executed, managed and in place as well as making employees feel secure. After managers, they are the ones who can make your employees extremely loyal to the company.

They can increase productivity of the company

While working in tandem with managers, they can innovate and find some of the best opportunities for talent management and staff training. Not only it can increase employee motivation, but also affect positively on the overall work productivity.

Author Bio

Alice John is the author of this blog post. She has served a Human Resource Manager for multiple agencies. She is also associated with an educational firm to provide assistance for MBA students who wants to pay for research papers to complete their human resource courses in effective manner.