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Human resource management is an extremely important aspect of any business. However, with the rapid advances in technology, there are now several ways to get the perfect candidate for any position.
So which are the best options and how must one prepare for the future in HR? We may be able to answer these and other burning questions by looking at the expected HR trends in 2018:

1. Feedback And Growth

Performance reviews have been a part of the employee experience for generations. However, there is a slight change in the way employees want their feedback to be like. Studies have shown that those employees who have a high level of engagement prefer ongoing correction to end of year feedback.
Hence, there should be an HR effort to advance a professional's career, rather just tell them if they're doing a good or bad job. Constructive criticisms and productive praise are the main ways in which employees would not only appreciate the feedback but also make use of it.

2. Continuous Online Learning

HR managers and leaders now need to realize that employees have a much greater potential than they might show. As such, annual or even bi-yearly training programmes just don't cut it anymore. Hence, digital training is the name of the game in the modern world.

LMS, or learning management software, would give HR teams an opportunity to drastically increase their productivity. This could give employees a chance to develop and learn new things even when on the go. Social media, apps, and several softwares such as SkyPrep could really help in making a basic worker into a star employee.

3. Benefits Like No Other

The job market is probably in favor of employers at the moments, but HR leaders should not slack off because of this. Rare and new talent is still highly coveted, so HR departments have to make attractive offers to prime candidates. Moreover, the topmost brands are still offering highly unique and tempting benefits to those whom they consider a good catch for a certain position.

For instance, Calrins and American Eagle are offering pet insurance along with the regular medical and health benefits to their employees.  Since Americans are very attached to their pets, this just may be the deciding factor for a much sought-after candidate. The chance to have their pet’s medical needs attended to and open to them is a wonderful opportunity for them.

4. Balance Between Work And Life

There was an era when workers and employees were looked upon as little more than cogs in a machine. However, health and economics experts alike focus on striking a proper balance between work and personal life. It is no longer considered so very impressive to exhaust yourself in pursuit of a lucrative and distinguished career. Rather, employees are now looking for a mode of work that would give them a good life as well as a decent income.

Moreover, HR departments are now considering how to manage stress within the workforce. Stress can be a physical drain on many employees, resulting in huge health costs for the employing company. We now have to look beyond just increasing salaries to motivate employees. HR departments have to put some thought into mental health in the near future, if not right away.

We have apps, social media networking, job fairs, and online forums to spread the word about job vacancies and requirements. However, not all these methods are always feasible or effective for getting a job position filled.
Hence, the above trends would help one gauge how and when to apply certain modern tools to enhance HR management. Plus, if these trends are followed in spirit, there would be more satisfied employees, less turnover, and more productivity.

Author Bio
Jaelyn Arias serves as HR Executive at a private business. Apart from being a HR professional, she also works for a coursework writing service where she performs the research work for the papers. She also keeps an eye on business and marketing trends through social media.