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Office politics is basically a nasty game that people play in order to gain advantage. Sometimes people engage in office politics to become a hero in the eyes of their superior and degrade their fellow colleagues, and sometimes they do so just because they enjoy it. Dealing with the office politics courageously is the only way you can survive without a scratch.

Let’s have a look at the following strategies that one can follow to successfully deal with office politics:

Gossip? What Gossip!?

Keep in mind that you are not hanging out with a friend next door. It is a working environment, and you have an office protocol to follow. Gossiping is for those who have nothing better to do. It is unappreciated even if you are not working in an office, since starting rumours about the personal affairs of others is not a good manner. When you work with others, you have to respect their personal lives and work boundaries. Remember, you are there to work and not to start a rumour mill.

Show Willingness to Help

Done with your work? Do not sit idle, but look around for colleagues and other team members who may need assistance. Helping others allow you to get closer with the colleagues, and it is also beneficial for point scoring in front of the bosses and other supervisors. Do you see a co-worker waiting for his ride on your way to work? Do you feel that the person next to your cubicle is stuck with his work sheets? Is your colleague out of credit? It would be great if you help them all. This way, you would not only benefit yourself by building the political loyalty but also eliminate the risk of becoming the victim of political scheming.

Do Not Allow Someone to Steal Your Spotlight

Do not become a victim to the office politics. People work very hard to achieve their targets, so why would not they like to let everyone know how they nailed it.If you also have done a remarkable job, flaunt it well. If someone is trying to steal your limelight, then find ways to deal with them in a civilized manner.

Avoid Misinterpreting Facts

Keep your facts right. Nobody is implying that you lie, but often people explain certain scenarios in such a manner that they actually change the whole situation. The audience may take advantage of any loop hole they find in your story, and they may use it for their own evil conspiracies. It can also become a game of Chinese whisper, and the story may travel around the office and finally reach the higher authorities with a completely different version.

Do Not Be Too Expressive

Anyone can get frustrated and stressed out with work. You may have to meet tight deadlines, submit numerous reports, tolerate the work pressure or the behaviour of others superior to you in authority, but this is all a part of work. Make sure you do not take out your anger on your fellow colleagues or bad mouth about others behind their backs. You would do the biggest mistake if you trust anyone and share your feelings or opinions with them, believing that they would not tell your secret to others. It is important to never let your guard down.

Mind Your Own Business

Go to work, socialize a bit with your colleagues and team members, complete your work tasks and come home. Why take excess worries on your shoulders by poking your nose in the matters of others? Make a policy of talking less and keeping your ears open at all times. Listen to what others have to say, but never make a comment especially when it is negative.

Avoid Taking Sides

You are working for the company, not for any of the employees. You may have made a lot of friends at your workplace, but avoid taking sides in any heated debates and discussions. People may sort out their problems at one time, but then you will be left out because of taking sides.

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