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Interviews can be explained as the phenomenon through which employers try to identify and recruit best available talents for their organizations. Therefore, the importance of interviews in the domain of human resource needs to be explored by the human resource professionals in the right manner. This aspect has also been observed that sometimes interviews could also become problematic or point of concerns to a large extent. There is no point of denying this attribute that every interviewee tries to provide best possible answers to the toughest questions asked during the interviews.

Considering the significance of interviews in the process of recruitment and selection, following are the best answers to the 5 worst interview questions provided. These are mentioned as follows:

1.    Tell me about yourself

With the help of this question, interviewers actually want to know about the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in the desired manner. For that reason, interviewees are required to respond this question in appropriate ways so that the interviewers are able to identify the hidden attributes of the applicant quite easily.  At the same time, the interviewee should also make sure that he or she must provide a significant highlight to his or her professional achievements as much as possible. The applicants are also needed to show their full enthusiasm and interest for the position they have applied.

In this way they will be able to deliver the right answer to this difficult question as interviewers will also realize your contributions and your personal strengths in an efficient way. Therefore, the importance of this question should be assumed by the applicants in the required way because this question also provides an opportunity by which interviewees could make huge impacts in the minds of interviewers.

2.    Tell me about a situation where you failed or ashamed of

This is one of the trickiest questions that can be asked during the process of the interview by the employers so applicants are also required to maintain their composure sufficiently. It is the situation where you have to turn your failure into real success as an applicant because you must provide a relevant and appropriate answer to the interviewer. The best answer could be given to this question is that you should tell human beings are prone to mistakes, however, you have no regrets whatsoever.       

During these situations, you are supposed to inform your employer that you made mistakes and then you realized your mistakes. As a result, you apologized with the person and moved on; this is how this question should be answered as a professional.   

3.    What is your biggest weakness that is truly a weakness?

The answer to this question should be given in a realistic manner because being an applicant it is better to accept your mistakes. At the same time, you must tell the interviewer that you have made every effort to address these mistakes in an efficient way. This is how I learn from my mistakes and it is an ongoing phenomenon that will be continued for a longer period of time. 

4.    Have you ever been fired, if so why?

Being a realistic applicant you must provide actual information with the help of making an admission that you were not the right fit for the previous organization. You were not able to communicate with your manager regarding the teamwork role and because of this reason you could describe the situation in a better way. In this concern, you should also make sure that you have learned a lot from this experience and you will use all your exposure to handling this situation in the future.

5.    How would you explain your gaps in the resume?

This is another question that can become annoying and frustrating for the interviewees in a great way. Therefore, you must give an appropriate answer to this question with the help of explaining the reason in an adequate way. In these situations, you can provide reasons such as you were busy with your family because someone was seriously ill in your family that is why you took a long break. The other reasons can also be provided such as you were working on improving different sets of communication and technical skills in order to attain a most suitable job in the future. 

This is the way through which you can answer this question more successfully and professionally.

Final Thoughts

All these above-described questions need to be answered in the desired manner because employers want to judge people based on their skills, attitudes, and qualifications. Therefore, people should also realize this aspect that they should be honest and realistic while providing answers to these questions. In this way, they will be able to get the required deliverables in the area of job searching to a considerable level.

Author Bio:

Jessica Jennifer is a well-experienced HR recruiter who has been working for so many years in the field of recruitment and selection. During her tenure, she has anticipated different kinds of answers from the applicants about interview questions. These days she is communicating with new and experienced professionals with Quick Assignment help of her own blog.