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Going Back to Work: Post Lockdown

We are more than aware of the vast number of people affected by lockdown. In 2020 over 114 million people lost their jobs due to the pandemic, only now in the middle of 2021 are most people going back to work. As an industrial recruitment agency, we believe we must help people in this time in their job-seeking efforts and allow them to get back to work. Below are a few key points to take into consideration when you are about to return back to work.

Take Things Step-by-Step

One of the main points to consider is to just take your time. Although you may feel worried and rushed to get back to work in order to start earning again, the more that you rush, the greater chance there is of you making a mistake. You should take this time to reflect on yourself and your performances, just because things may be different from what you remember, this does not mean they are worse.

A career that we may advise you to go into is being a driver, it will allow you to have your own space and clearer mind. We advise this as around 75% of the UK population over 17 hold a driver’s licence so this is fitting for a lot of people planning to return to work. Our driving recruitment specialists are on-hand to supply driving jobs to those who are seeking this type of career. 

Be Prepared and Have a Plan 

If you are someone out of a job due to the the pandemic then it is important to have a detailed plan of action for your next move. You need to consider variables such as :
•    Location
•    People
•    Safety

If the location of your job is out of your way and hard to get to in time then you may want to consider that role, it is also important to review the safety measures of the workplace, are there any danger hazards? Get a view of your colleges, it is important to have people who are easier to work with. With multiple different routes and paths that follow on from an industrial & manufacturing  career, it is a great sector to get into. 

There are many different locations which you can choose to fit you and all the workplaces we provide will be Health & Safety approved. If this interests you, then be sure to visit our industrial & manufacturing recruitment page on our website to find out how to get into this industry.

We Understand

We are very aware that some people may have increased anxiety and due to lockdown and so may not be too keen on returning to a working environment. Lockdown has impacted all of us, we will never pressure someone into going into a job that they may have some doubts about it. We will work with our clients to ensure that they feel safe and secure in their new job and in coming back to work.

Contact our Team of Recruitment Experts at Pure Staff

Do you need some help going back to work after lockdown? If so, Get in touch with our team at Pure Staff to discuss your businesses recruitment requirements and job-seeking needs to aid in the effort to revert the world to ‘normal’.