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We all come across a point in our professional lives, where we come one fine morning and find out that our boss is planning to resign from office and switch to a new job. Not only that, we also get to know that someone else is going to replace him and all that chemistry and understanding that you have had with your boss is now gone and will have to be worked upon again with someone new. However, this is something that is very ordinary and one must accept this change with confidence.

Just like your boss may have to work with a new employee if you resign, it is the same with you when your boss resigns. The moment your new boss comes, it is time to re-work your strategy, get to know the style of working and then adapt. A smart and successful employee will always manage to work with different bosses over the course of his employment and career. Today’s gust post blog is going to talk about one of those occasions when you have to work with a new boss from the start and impress him in four simple ways.

Get a recommendation from your old boss

The best way to kick start your professional relationship with someone new who is going to be your boss is to get in a good word about you so that he knows how good you are and your importance to the department. Ask your old boss to get a recommendation and a word about you and your performance. This way you already make a good impression, especially when that word comes from someone else. However, this step is only valid if you have an amazing relationship with your existing boss and he is more than willing to do so, this is one of the reasons why professional relationships are so important for success.

Have a one on one session

When your new boss has settled in with his work and is now looking forward to his team members, take the initiative to go and have a casual discussion with him. Tell him about the past work of your department, the achievements and hard times you have shared with your previous boss. Some general concerns that you have, but it should not be a complaint or whistle blowing session, something that can shock the new person coming in.

Have some jokes

If you both smoke, try and be smart by finding a reason to catch your boss at a smoke break and have a casual joke session. This eases down the anxiety levels and provides you both to have a chance of getting comfortable with each other without too many protocols. Getting casual with your new boss is one of the best ways you can begin your working.

Have a good attitude

Backbiting, complaining, talking negatively and having a poor attitude are all the Don’ts of starting your professional relationship and planning to impress your new boss. Have an attitude which is accommodating and welcoming, something that will impress the new guy and promote him to work with the department rather than to get surprised.

Author Bio

Adrine Santos is the author of this blog post, Adrine has recently been promoted to the position of Associate Director at a firm in Canada. She likes to stay active online and post various blogs on the website: write my essay for me