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As a leader or a manager of our team and organization, it is your job to keep your employees motivated, your task force intact and keep things healthy as well productive at work place. When everything is going right, your team is not only performing remarkably well, but also it is the happiest and most satisfied team. This means that your employee turnover will also be comparatively lower than an average organization’s turnover in the industry. Why would anyone want to leave the job that makes them happy? This tells us how important it is to keep your employees happy at work. What by being happy means is keeping your employees motivated and strong. The basic definition of motivation for employees means, that you give a reason to employees to work for you and perform in a way that achieves remarkable results.

So as a manger there are different techniques you can deploy in order to motivate your employees and manage them effectively. Without a proper employee management and motivation, even your performance will be under the question mark as a leader of the task force you are expected to lead, guide the team to achieving certain objectives and ensure complete work satisfaction. Today, our blog will talk about four genuine techniques managers can use for employee management and motivation in the next four sections of the article.

Personal growth of employees

The best motivation and inner-satisfaction that you can give to your employee is their personal growth. Managers should make it a point that providing personal growth is the key to a better motivation within the team and organization. For personal growth of employees, what one can do is to identify the interest of every employee, have regular discussions with them and when the opportunity arises to cash in that interest, you give that opportunity to the employee it best fits. This way your idea for personal growth of each individual employee will be easily tackled and achieved.

Job status and empowerment

Sometimes for many employees, the job status and empowerment related to decision making and authority is the only motivation they want. So give your employees time, decision making ability and enough authority in order for them to enjoy the role they are doing. Employees do not want fussy bosses who micromanage and do not let the employees take simple day to day decisions on their own. So always ensure with every employee that you give them the right kind of authority and decision making power pertaining to their job roles.

Perks besides money

Sometimes when employees reach a certain level they are interested in finding out other perks and benefits besides money. For example a club membership, insurance policy or extra travel allowance is something that can take their motivation levels high.


Above all, nothing makes an employee rise to the cloud 9 but their boss’ word of recognition and appreciation in front of the team members and also individually. So recognizing each and every employee’s hard work and effort from day to day on an occasional basis is the best way to subtly motivate people to work.

Author Bio:
John Kelly is the author of this blog post. Kelly has been engaged in various training programs, related to employee management systems and consultancy. Usually he provide assistance to the MBA students who ask him to do my homework for me and he will provide awesome tips and guidance to the students.