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As far as the companies and employers are concerned, developing a successful employee recognition program is very important as it helps them to improve the efficiency, passion, and dedication of their workers. Employee recognition denotes the acceptance of an individual or team's performances, effort and achievements.

Every employee would like to get recognition for the hard work, success and dedication that they make in their jobs. It will help the employees to work in accordance with the organization's goals and values. Employee recognition allows workers to understand that their hard work is valued and accepted by the company.

Importance of Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition is an open appreciation for an employee’s contributions to the success of his firm. The value and importance of employee appreciation is priceless. Humans love appreciation and they will become more energized when somebody appreciate them for his works. When employees and their work are appreciated, their satisfaction level increases which will eventually result in higher productivity.

Appreciation will lead workers to be motivated and it will give them a drive to maintain their performance, or get better their good work. It will also lead them to reach specific goals or create premium results in the workplace. Successful employee recognition programs will direct to employee retention as well.

How to Develop a Successful Employee Recognition Program

There are a lot of ways, and methods for giving employee recognition. Employee recognition is generally given by managers or supervisors. Recognition can be conveyed through peers, managers, senior leaders, team leaders, and even customers. So, employee appreciation can be given by any person in a firm.

Employee appreciation program will let your employees to display their attainments, promote company values and get better on the whole office competence and ambiance. Employers should come up with carefully designed program. The employers should also inform the employers clearly about the program and how they can benefit from it.  

The points summarized below will aid the employers during their process of developing a recognition program: 

Objectives of the Program

None of the employers can create a successful employee appreciation program if they don’t know the objectives of the program. Employers should know how to the program helps him to enhance a better working environment, know how the employers can contribute to your vision and goals, realize what are the opportunities you provide  for the employee, know what are the points to be considered for recognition and reward, etc.

Award Selection Conditions

Employers should know award selection criteria when they prepare an employee appreciation programs.  Some of the criteria that you can point out in employee appreciation program include job excellence, customer service, teamwork, dedication towards work, punctuality, discipline, leadership, daily task completion, productivity, innovative, lively in work field, etc.

Some of the awards that you can plan to give to the employees include excellence award, exemplary performance award, employee of the year, outstanding employee award, teamwork award, etc. You can also consider about giving bonus including yearly bonus, quarterly bonus and instant bonus.


One of the important things that employers should think about while they are all set to come up with an employee appreciation program is fund. Fun is very important when you create an appreciation program because you want to keep aside money for giving awards, and executing plans. Employers must have a great understanding about the full number of your employees and the total sum of money that they desire to give out for appreciation gift purchasing awards, incentive awards or money for bonus. 

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