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As communication mediums are changing so as the needs of HR or recruiters. Successful HR personnel are those tend to go to great lengths for finding just the right guy for the company.

They never hesitate to dive in every possible place ranging from the swimming pool of SMS marketing to the digital ocean of social media to get their hands on exceptional assets. In a nutshell, they make use of every possible technology or tactic that can help them find the right candidate for a job opening.

Now, the question arises here is, “How can we hit upon a good place to get the right talent for our company?” Luckily, that is exactly what will be discussed in the following passages. So, read on.

Market Research- Find The Best Donut in The Town!

For every success, be it academic or professional, research is the main ingredient as it guides you towards the right path. HR people need to be constantly updated with all the possible mediums or channels that the current generation is utilizing and this can only be done when they research. These days, the only best way to do research is to invest your time researching online. HR professionals can get knowledge of highly rated online networks only when they also go online.

Social Media- A Major Twist In The Story

The 21st era is the age of pure social Media. People who once used Internet for only surfing now invest most of their time on social networks gossiping, chitchatting or simply sharing knowledge. Be it Facebook or Twitter, it is not difficult to find potential candidates for a job opening. Research suggests that 68% of Job placements are been done through Facebook and Twitter combined.

Whatsapp And Viber- A New Beginning!

It is undoubtedly evident that 95% of generation Y sleeps with their smartphones and they check their phones after every 5 seconds on average. Targeting such generation with job proposals seems to be a perfect option. As they keep checking their phones every now and then, you can expect more than prompt responses from them and it will then make your life easier than ever to find and shortlist potential jobseekers!

Linkedin- The Biggest Professional Site Of The Decade!

Yes, here comes the site of the decade, the biggest professional networking site which bridges the gap between employers and employees making it really easier for HR professionals to find the best candidate in the town!

LinkedIn has a wide range of benefits to bestow upon its users that one can ever imagine, such as:

• First and foremost it gives chance to HR professionals to get in touch with a whole lot of aspiring talent as well as experienced job seekers on one platform.
• Secondly, by checking the qualification, skills and past experience, HR personals can separate good profiles from the bad ones.
• Thirdly, the endorsements and recommendations in a profile of a candidate further helps HR professionals to evaluate the whole profile of the candidate and see if he is the right fit for the company or not.

The needs and demands for recruitments are changing with the rise in digital communication trends. For instance, now many companies prefer video resumes over conventional resumes. The world is moving towards online interviews where Skype is a major player in smoothing this process.

Whether, you belong to Generation X or Y, you have to adjust yourself according to the new trends of Human Resource as you have to manage the Human Beings as assets. Successful HR professional are surely those who absorb the new trends and work accordingly!

An aficionado of arts, Martin Berk spends most of his time exploring topics on fashion, blogging, education and photography. He currently works at Coursework Spot. as a specialist. When not working, he can be found exploring the natural sights around him.