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We believe in sharing great practice and tools because we know that while you’re best placed to deliver great HR value in your organisation, we can all use a little help now and again.

A number of our readers have told us that while they love our articles and tools, sometimes they miss them in amongst the rest of the text.

Therefore, we’ve decided to send out a quarterly ‘Resources’ newsletter which will just focus on practical tools, relevant articles or information that you can use in your organisation.

In our recent newsletter we offered you the following:

  1. The latest HR research highlights and to discover what we believe are the practical implications for you and HR What is HR lacking?
  2. A guide on what strategy looks like for HR and how to measure how effective you are at being strategic. If you’re interested, click Measuring HR’s strategic orientation.
  3. A ‘How to guide’ on Identifying HR’s key development needs. Download it and see if it helps you become clearer where HR needs to invest in hard fought for dollars!
  4. Our expanded services range for HR Training and Development - click for our Development Series.


Keep talking to us and we’ll do our best to respond.


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