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Welcome to CourageousHR's second newsletter. This month we've chosen to talk about something that both large Consulting firms and academics love to talk at us about - HR structure.

In spite of HR’s ‘one team’ rhetoric, as witnessed by more and more HR Functions adopting the HR Partnering model, business leaders still seem underwhelmed and unimpressed! Could it be that HR is focusing too much on re-structuring and not enough on relationships?

Strategic HR

1. Is HR taking the easy option when it comes to HR transformation? It seems we tend to focus primarily on the structural and headline cost-saving changes rather than upgrading the level of HR capability and working on creating true partnership relationships with the business.

2. To find out more about why the quality of people and relationships wins out over re-structuring and what HR can do to redress this imbalance click on this link to read our summary article HR structure is not so important.

Measuring HR

3. If your Business Director asked you to put together a business case for the HR changes you want to implement do you know where you would start?

4. If you want to have a go at working out what your business case for change could be then we suggest you consider some of key questions we ask our clients in Building the business case for HR restructuring is not always easy.

Practical HR

5. Are you interested to explore some of the key HR Partnership issues you need to consider when designing your ‘ideal structure’?

6. To work out those areas of HR you can and should change click on this link to download a Quick guide to what parts of HR you could change.

Opinionated HR

7. So do you love or hate your HR Boss? If you are a HR Boss do you think you’re doing a great job or do you think you could do better? We take a light hearted look at what good HR bosses look like and if you have plans to be one yourself someday soon then you can pick up a few good hints and tips.

8. To find out more go to our blogs where your thinking will be challenged and your creative juices will be set on fire!
Supporting HR

9. CourageousHR are on tour! We are very excited that we have been invited to speak at this months’ prestigious IPM International HR Conference in South Africa. We will be speaking on the topic of “Who decides HR’s Purpose?”

10. Once we are back we’ll let you know how we got on and if you ask nicely enough we may even share our presentation with you!

We will be back next month with our Newsletter focusing on exploring the ‘blueprint for success as a HR professional’. In the meantime you are invited to join our HR revolution.

Have a great month and keep us in touch with what you are doing.


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