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Who says romance is dead? Just because it’s valentine month there is no need to get too soppy or too nostalgic. However, if recent research is to be believed HR needs to quickly start loving itself more and applying some TLC (Technology, Learning & Courage!) otherwise our skill sets will be outdated and our credibility with the business will slip backwards.

This Newsletter is dedicated to what HR can do to get others to start loving us more – aaaah x

Strategic HR

1. Are you one of these people who complete surveys and then are disappointed with the end results? We repeatedly are underwhelmed by global surveys not because in themselves they are bad, it is just the scope is tends to be limited, transactional in its scope and the results tend to be an unsubtle sales machine for the surveying company.

2. To find out what the latest HR research highlights and to discover what we believe are the practical implications for you and HR click What is HR lacking?

Measuring HR

3. What would Organisation Leaders love most of all from HR? Well, there are a number of things actually but whenever we are speaking to them what always appears in their top three list is STRATEGY – they so want us to be strategic.

4. We have pulled together a guide on what strategy looks like for HR and how to measure how effective you are at being strategic. If you’re interested, click Measuring HR’s strategic orientation.

Practical HR

5. As you know by now we love to be practical and this month we have become aware that many of our clients struggle to identify what their critical training needs are – should they focus on skills (and if so which ones?), knowledge, new ways of working etc...?

6. Therefore, we have generously taken time out of our hectic work schedule and created a ‘How to guide’ on Identifying HR’s key development needs. Download it and see if it helps you become clearer where HR needs to invest in hard fought for dollars!

Opinionated HR

8. One thing that drives us nuts at CourageousHR is when organisations are ‘sold’ HR Transformation projects that focus on ‘process mapping’, building ‘shared service teams’ or ‘outsourcing’ operations. Real change only happens when people change their behaviour – that other stuff is only a means to creating the extra time and resources to enable this to happen.

9. If you share our views and want to find out more about what winds us up and what we intend to do about it then click onto our latest blogs.

Supporting HR

10. As regular visitors to our website will have recently seen we are going through a slimming down process (virtual not real unfortunately!) as we are focusing more and more on providing specialist HR Learning & Development. This is what we love, happen to be very good at and what most clients are presently looking for!

11. If you want to find out more about our expanded range of Development Series all you have to do is click HERE.

Have a great month and when you’re ready join the HR revolution and keep us in touch with what you are doing.


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