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Welcome to CourageousHR's third newsletter.  This month we've chosen to talk about why HR needs to look into the crystal ball in order to be successful in the future.

When is the last time any of your predictions came true? Did you correctly predict the football World Cup winners or this year’s ‘must have’ fashion accessories? Predicting anything nowadays is becoming almost impossible, so why does HR still over rely on its ‘static’ HR Technical Expertise and its historical track record when ‘value’ is constantly being re-defined, re-shaped and re-ordered?

Strategic HR

1. The best HR Functions now recognise that it is the quality of their people rather than the efficiencies of their HR Deliverables which will ensure their continued success, as it is people who adapt and evolve most successfully, not structures and processes.

2. To find out how HR can make unpredictability a strategic opportunity click on this link to read our summary article Capable, credible and courageous HR.

Measuring HR

3. HR needs to be agile and flexible so that it can adapt what it does to reflect the anticipated and actual changes happening in the business. Do you know how well aligned your HR Strategy is to the Business Strategy?

4. This is your starting point as the quality and degree of alignment between HR and the Business will be an indication of how capable, credible and courageous HR is. Click on this link to download our exercise Understanding your business – understanding HR.

Practical HR

5. Do you want to know how capable, credible and courageous you are as a HR Professional? Thought as much! We don’t normally promote other people’s work but in this instance we believe Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Effective Habits’ is a good enough exception! We have adapted his model to the world of HR. If you want to know how ready you are to be an effective HR professional then click this link to download How ready am I?.

6. We are sure that you already know about our great FREE online HR Competency Assessment Tool. If you haven’t yet tested yourself then what are you waiting for? Click on this HR Competency Assessment Tool link (branded under our old name PeopleStuf) to see how good you really are.

Opinionated HR

7. So how inquisitive are you? Do you take things at face value? Are you as quiet as a church mouse or do you question and challenge? Do you have opinions or do you wait to be told? The reason we’re asking you these questions is that we believe HR needs to be noisier and be more willing to speak out, to push back and be different.

8. Therefore, if you’re a bit stuck for opinions or want to sharpen up your thinking then we would strongly recommend you go to our blogs – be ready to be titillated and inspired to speak out – after all no one is going to politely ask your true opinion!

Supporting HR

9. CourageousHR’s world tour has now begun! Last month we spoke at the prestigious IPM International HR Conference in South Africa. In front of 500 delegates we spoke about “Who decides HR’s Purpose?” We had fun, met lots of great people and did some great wildlife game viewing as well. Click on the link to get a copy of our presentation.

We will be back next month with our Newsletter focusing on exploring why ‘HR needs to be strategic to survive - How HR can link business objectives to HR deliverables’. In the meantime you are invited to join our HR revolution.

Have a great month and keep us in touch with what you are doing.


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