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Every MBA and management student needs to write HR assignments in his/her academic career. Most students face difficulties while writing HR assignment due to lack of knowledge and writing skills. If you have right strategies and proper knowledge, you can easily write the high-quality papers in a short time frame.

Mainly, HR course trains you to see individuals as assets of an organization, it will teach you how to improve their performance, and to use them for business growth. In this subject, you acquire skills that can be implemented back in the workplace. You learn how to get everyone in an organization to increase the overall productivity.

Most students fail in writing a high-quality assignment that results in poor grades and bad impression on their professors. Following are the basic mistakes that students do in the assignment writing:

Poor understanding of subject: The main factor that affects the quality of your paper is a poor understanding of the subject area. Human Resource is a wide sector, and you must understand its basic terminologies. The main terminologies and responsibilities of the HR includes:

• Absence Management
• Alignment of Human Resources
• Communications Management
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Conflict Management
• Disability Discrimination
• Disciplinary Action
• Employment Law
• Employee and Labor Relations
• Employment Tribunals
• Graduate Recruitment
• Handling Grievances
• Harassment and Bullying at work
• HR Administration
• HR Legislation
• HR Management
• Human Capital Management
• HR Strategies
• Industrial and organizational psychology
• Interviewing Techniques
• Job Analysis
• Job Specifications
• Leadership and Development
• Manpower Planning
• Mediation Skills
• Motivational strategies
• Organizational Behavior
• Organizations Development
• Performance Management
• Planning Interview Questions
• Pregnancy and Maternity Leave
• Recruitment Selection
• Recruitment Law
• Recruitment Strategies
• Redundancy
• Remuneration and Benefits Packages
• Reward Strategies
• Staff Appraisals
• Staff Management
• Staff Payroll
• Statutory and Contractual Leave
• Stress Management
• Talent Management
• Termination of Employment
• Unfair Dismissal
• Unlawful Discrimination
• Welfare Issues
• Workplace Investigations

Try to understand every field & responsibilities of human resources and apply that knowledge to the assignments.

Wrong selection of topic: Most students choose an unimpressive and unremarkable topic that results in poor grades. You may be assigned a topic by your professors, if not you have a golden chance to choose a one that it is of interest to you. If you want to write an intriguing paper, you must choose an interesting topic that you want to learn more about. If you visit libraries, you will find a vast range of topics that will help you in choosing the best one. Also, you can go to the web to know more about HR field. Some of the best HR topics are:

• Conflict management
• Stress management
• Work life balance
• Creativity in professional work
• HR Alignment with Corporate Strategy
• Human Capital Management
• Motivational Strategies
• Organizational Behavior
• Organizational development
• Performance Management
• Leadership and Development
• Change Management
• Communications Management
• Time Management
• Organizational Culture
• Effective ways of Resource and Time management
• Industrial and organizational psychology

Improper format: Most students avoid to check the correct format and structure of their papers. If you want to draft high-quality assignment, you must write every document in a proper format with every required section. Make sure that your papers are written in citation style that is provided by your supervisor.

Assignment writing becomes easy when you follow proper strategies and improve the subject knowledge. Always understand and explore your topic before writing HR assignments for academics.


If you want to draft meritorious HR assignments, you must research your subject. Always choose an impressive topic and write the papers with every required section.

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