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Passing a job interview does not only depend on your qualifications and experiences, but on a number of things like how you behave or respond to the questions, your gestures, your answers, your views and many others. Most of the people don’t take these things seriously and make a lot of mistakes during the interview which lead them towards facing rejection. Read below to know some common mistakes that you should avoid making during interviews:

Avoid taking drinks with you:

Most of the people take their interview too casual and think that it is not wrong to take drinks or eateries with them in the interview room. Know that it looks really bad and an interviewer finds it informal and disrespectful. You must realize that you are not going to a party or at your friend’s place. You should act responsibly and professionally. Apart from this, also avoid having cigarettes and other such kind of stuff before an interview because it leaves a bad odor that can create a bad impression on the interviewer.

Turn off your interview:

An interview expects you to pay your complete attention towards them and focus on what they are asking. Don’t look here and there or use your phone during interview because it creates a really bad impression on the interviewer. Most of the people don’t turn their phones off and as a result face embarrassment when their phone starts ringing during interviews. So, in order to avoid any such kind of situation, turn off your mobile phone or keep it on silent. Don’t ever use your mobile phone during an interview, neither look at it because it will make your interviewer feel like you are not paying attention towards them and can create problems for you.

Be yourself:

The best way to earn an interviewer’s appreciation and respect is to reveal who you are and not pretend to be someone else. Recruiters always desire for honest and straightforward people because they are more reliable. So be yourself who you really are. Tell them everything right. Don’t lie about your strengths and weaknesses or tell them things that are not true about you because that might get you a job but will surely create problems for you afterwards. So, avoid telling lies. Answer honestly and be yourself. Try to turn your interview into a conversation by answering questions more openly and truly. Show your interests and skills and present yourself as the best person for the vacant position.

Don’t make rude comments:

Don’t make any kind of rude comments about anything during your interview. Be it about your previous employer, coworkers, supervisors or others because it creates a really bad impression on the recruiter and makes them feel like you are not a good person to work with. Even if you have a bad experience with your previous job, don’t show it to the interviewer. Try to be nice and say positive things about everything. If they ask you for the reasons for leaving the previous job, don’t whine that it was not good or you were not getting a good salary. Just say that you are looking for more out of your field to learn more.

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Allie Haze is an HR consultant and academic writer. She is associated with write my paper .She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource. She guides people in solving their job related and academic matters.