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A few years back, the only option for an HR professional to store and manage employee data was using some entry-level or standalone tool, spreadsheet is one such staple tool used widely. Though businesses today are transgressors especially start-ups, HR and payroll is one area where a business simply cannot afford to break the rules.  

In a traditional office setting, HR professionals must endeavour hard to get the word out to the entire workforce. Nevertheless, looking at the current cloud-computing wave that is driving businesses by leaps and bounds, the conventional ways of HR management are set to witness exciting upheavals in the near future and cloud HR software is set to be the driving factor here.   

This is why a staggering number of businesses be it small or medium enterprises (SME) or giant players, everyone is fast embracing the cloud computing technology. 

Cloud payroll software solutions are already living up to their expectations by empowering HR departments to becoming strategic, organised and productive. Be it managing full & final settlement of an employee or generating those crucial human resource management information system reports or MIS reports, HR software can do it all with ease and grace.  

Here’s a succinct explanation why HR ought to embrace the cloud technology:

• The most prominent advantage of cloud HR software is the access to data at lightning speed. Unlike an on-premise or in-house solution, cloud payroll software doesn’t require you to invest in additional hardware or IT crew. In addition, cloud delivery model ensures automatic updates and upgrades straight from the vendor’s end thus, you don’t have to worry about it.

• Full & final settlement (F&F) is one of the quintessential process for both an employee as well as HR personnel. It has to be smooth and error-free. Manual calculations are prone to human errors thus, disrupting the F&F process. Cloud HR software comes with excellent automated modules and full & final settlement is one among them. It offers intelligent computation of F&F payables, receivables, etc. Most importantly, cloud payroll software offers the HR managers and entrepreneurs with a comprehensive view of the entire full & final settlement process followed by providing a detailed report of the entire exit procedure.

• Another big advantage of cloud payroll software is that it enables real-time attendance and time tracking, which makes it the best biometric attendance system. Cloud based HR software supports seamless integration with most of the biometric devices used today in offices thus enabling timely and accurate tracking of time and attendance. Another pivotal feature that makes HR software the best biometric attendance system is that it allows smart reporting by offering intelligent analytics.

• Last but not the least, the most prominent benefit of a cloud payroll software is the employee self service portal, which is a boon for both HR personnel as well as employees of an organisation. The self service portal allows employees to check and update their personal details on the go from their smartphones saving huge amount of time and efforts. It eliminates the tedious paperwork as well helping your HR department go paperless and reduce your carbon footprint. Employees on the other hand can request for day-offs, download payslips, check their pay information, tax/TDS details, PF data, leaves, etc. on the run. No need to dialling up the HR department for petty things now.       

These are only a few ways HR software empowers your HR department and employees, as there are many other benefits than the ones mentioned above. Now that you know how cloud payroll software can transform the most important department of your organisation i.e. HR department, it’s time to jump in the cloud wave and live these benefits.

About Author:

Anwar Shaikh writes about cloud HRMS and payroll solutions. A self-made and reared-up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HCM, a provider of one of the leading cloud based HR Software to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.