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AI-based attendance system helps in monitoring, recording, and evaluating employee attendance seamlessly. Keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind, integrating an AI-based attendance management system is the wisest decision all the organizations can make. Since there is a function of facial recognition, the traditional thumbprint input is not needed, which will help in decreasing the spread of the virus. 

In the search for increased revenues and viability, the organizations frequently look outside than inside. Adapting advanced technologies is not only time saving but also transforms the wellness and hygiene of the workplace. With the ever-changing world, workplace dynamics are changing too. There is an inevitable need for organizations to adapt to these latest trends. Keeping in mind the nature of work, flexibility, travel schedule, etc. can become overwhelming for HR. 

AI-based attendance uses biometric data verification based on the employees’ facial characteristics. The feature of facial recognition may vary from system to system. It may identify an algorithm of the distance between all the facial features, or use 2D or 3D facial recognition to identify the employees. 

The first process in making an AI-based attendance management system work is getting all the employees of the company to register in the facial recognition database for future identification. Once the data is integrated, whenever an employee will pinch in or punch out, the AI-attendance system will identify the employee based on facial recognition, and if it gets approved, the timing is stored automatically by the system. 

Attendance tracking can be made seamless with the help of AI-based attendance in the following ways-


Handling and managing the data of all the employees in an organization is bound to result in errors. Automated attendance management software provides accurate time records and reduces the inevitable manual errors which can cost the company a lot. 

Automated time tracking- 

AI attendance tracking system simplifies time tracking and there is no need for manual labour to monitoring the system 24*7. As it is said, to err is human, but not with the AI attendance system. All the manual errors are eliminated and the efficiency of the employees and the organization is increased. An automated employee attendance management system uses facial recognition technology to track their attendance, leaves, and overtime accurately. 

Cost efficient- 

The first thought that crosses all the employer’s mind is if the system will be cost-efficient. The AI attendance system saves money by eliminating buddy punching, inaccurate time reporting, tardiness, absenteeism, and overpayment of the employees. Thus it helps in recording accurate performance and payroll information. Also, it helps in cutting down the labour cost as all the work is automated and done by the system. 

Increased Efficiency & Productivity- 

Recording and managing the attendance and payroll of every worker in the company can be tiresome and mundane. It is a time-consuming and expensive affair due to the extra labour costs. Manually handling these records to create time cards, authorize leaves, and create schedules decreases the efficiency and productivity of the company and the employees. Precious administration time can be freed up with the help of AI-based attendance management software. The software automates everything right from keeping a record of employees’ working hours to updating the payroll data in the system. 

Leave & Performance tracking- 

With just a few clicks, accurate data can be generated based on the employees’ working hours, overtime, leaves, etc. The leave management system becomes convenient as the employees can easily apply for a leave through the software portal. Due to the transparency and visibility that an AI attendance system provides, all the employee-related data is visible to the managers. The managers can review the leave application and grant the leave if the situation permits. The transparency also allows the managers to keep a tab on all the work done by employees regularly, thereby helping them to improve their skills in certain departments if needed. 

Seamless workflow- 

An attendance tracking system helps in providing clear data of the workflow, leaves, and performance stats. Immediate notifications are sent to the manager, and the manager can approve the request within seconds without wasting time on face to face communication. It also helps in reviewing the workflow of employees, and assign the work of an employee on leave to someone else if urgent. 


In today’s world where everyone is dealing with the pandemic in their way, some are working from home, some from the office, others remotely. An automated attendance management system provides flexibility to the companies to track employee working hours using a variety of tracking features such as facial recognition, use of smartphones to clock in, biometric terminals, etc. 


Most AI-based attendance management systems are built with high-security tools and architecture. They are extremely reliable and secure and help in eliminating buddy punching, and any access to a person not working in the organization will be denied. This also ensures there is no breach of secure data of the company. It also tracks the working hours of employees accurately, thereby avoiding the company to overcompensate anyone. 


Inaccurate or fake data records can cost the company a lot in overtime payment, which can also result in legal consequences. It can also violate labour laws, resulting in costly legality procedures and fines. Accurately timing the work schedule of employees will minimize the error in payroll data, thereby avoiding legal consequences. An AI-based system simplifies all the tracking procedures, making it idyllic for the company and the employees. 

Real-time tracking- 

Automated cloud-based software provides real-time tracking and automates the payroll data. This helps in managing alternative payment schedules and makes all the data available in real-time. 


Given the plethora of advantages that an AI-based attendance management system, it is vital for all organizations to integrate the software to make everyone’s life easier.  This is the future of an efficient attendance tracking system that reduces the workload of HR and helps them in focusing on more vital processes like creating strategies to hire better candidates and help their companies grow and succeed. 

Author Bio-
Ankita Singh is a content writer at Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She writes HR-focused blogs for Pocket HRMS software  - one of the best HR solutions in India. She holds more than 4 years of experience in content writing.