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Human Resource (HR) manager enjoys a critical role in a company’s culture and procedure. A lot of people have doubt and confusion regarding the role of HR managers in their organization. Some of the HR managers are perplexed with their roles and responsibility. Many HR managers consider that their role and duty lies in obeying their managers or the bosses of their companies. Some other HR managers believe that their roles and accountability lies in helping co-workers and inform employees’ needs to concerned employers. The human resource manager is directly in charge for the on the whole coordination, management, and assessment of the human resource function of a company.

The Role of an HR Manager in a Company

An HR manager used to enjoy a lot of roles in company and he plays a direct role in the smooth headway of a company. Generally, HR managers are accountable for the recruitment, training and growth of staff. He has plays a huge role in arranging administers salaries, pensions and benefits. HR managers take care of the wellbeing, safety and interests of all employees. HR manager jobs include in establishing employee relations, industrial relations, employment law, observance, job losses, disciplinary and complaint issues, etc.

The role and job of HR managers can change by taking into consideration the size of a company. However, they have the duty to keep up work culture in an organization. It is the obligation of the HR to uphold a vigorous, safe, and enjoyable work environment to make certain a level of ease amid the employees. They have the role to get rid of any stressful or uncomfortable atmosphere that may hold back the performance of the workers. HR heads should resolving conflicts and try to maintain better relations in a company. Since different people have dissimilar views, conflicts are certain. An HR executive has the power to get involved and give a solution to the conflicts.Here is a look at how an HR manager plays a critical role in a company’s culture and procedure:

Organizing All Functions

The HR manager is expected to take care of the whole range of HR activities of a company. An HR leader is in charge for putting in order all functions of the organization. The function and job of an HR head consists of treating employee on-boarding or welcoming new employees in an organization in way that suits with the company’s culture and procedure. HR head have got to make an introduction for all new employment in a company. It is the job of an HR head to make available new employees and direction or information about the company’s policies and rules.

Supervising Employee Evaluations

The HR manager is in responsible to supervise employee evaluations. A company will entrust the duty to assess the performance and working activities of employees with HR head. As far as a company and its employers are concerned, they may not able to supervise employee evaluation on a daily basis. HR can carry employee evaluations every day as they mingle with employees every now and then. Supervising employee evaluations is aimed at improving the work and performance of an employee and not to let down or harass an employee. It should also help the company to understand how everyone works and performs in their organizations.

Mediation between Employees and Bosses 

The HR managers are mediators between employees and bosses. HR head should inform the bosses about the interests, opinions, suggestions, complaints, and many other things that the employees ask them to inform employers of bosses. HR manager should inform the employees the rules, suggestions, instructions, views, etc that the employers ask them to inform the workers. Larger as well as smaller businesses have an HR specialist or even an HR unit in order to keep an eye on and manage their employee management strategies and processes. HR should back up those attempts that enhance better employee and employer relationship and also give opinion on what’s working, what makes sense, and what requires to be changed in an organization.

Solving Employee Issues  

HR managers play a critical role in order to promote a company’s culture and take care of procedures by making sure that employees are peaceful, friendly as well as supportive to each others. Issues between employees, between employers and workers, between leaders, between leaders and their trainees, etc, are very common in a company. HR managers have the duty to understand the issues and take possible steps in order to solve the issues. They should not try to make the issues complicated but should aim to solve the issues so that the company can have a safe an issue free working environment every day.

Employee Engagement

HR managers seek to keep up the culture and procedures of a company by means of making sure employee engagement. As far as a company is concerned, they can make steady progress if their workers are engaged. Managing employees effectively is the most vital part in employee engagement. HR managers should understand that every staff will have different attitude and behavior and therefore, they should approach every employee in a way that goes well with the temperament and behavior of them. HR heads should promote open communication because it will lead the employees to engage and pleased employees. They should also aim to reduce the amount of employee complaints as a result of misapprehension, error, or misunderstanding of company policies.

Performance Appraisal

The company, managers and HR professionals collaborate so as to enhance employees' skills and promote team work amid employees. The performance appraisal procedures will have to plan by HR managers. HR professionals are supposed to assess employee performance and behaviors so that the company can take possible measures to improve the development of their employees. HR leaders can arrange meeting with employees occasionally in order to understand how they feel, what leads them to perform poorly, what stimulates them to perform well, etc. Performance appraisal should be done in a sincere and logical mode.  The appraisal courses shouldn’t lose credibility.

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