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Ok, in terms of titles, that’s probably not all that strong. The prescient points are in there though. Yes it’s the festive period, and yes, an all year-round employee vetting service is essential to ensuring the quality of your workforce and reducing the risks of recruitment considerably. So what are the benefits of an employee vetting service...?

Reduced employment costs

For any business, the process of hiring and firing can be a long and protracted process. When specialist skills are required it can be hard enough to find a suitable candidate in the first instance, so the last thing a business needs is to neglect to conduct pre-employment vetting checks, only to find they are unsuitable for employment a few months down the line. Your business will then incur the added time and expense associated with advertising the position, conducting interviews and providing the induction and training required to get the employee up to speed.

Increased productivity

A comprehensive employee vetting service should play an important part in the recruitment process, and as such, will help to fine tune recruitment to ensure the best candidates are employed. Much the same as an aptitude test, employee vetting will sift through the candidates and remove those who aren’t suitable for the position. As a result, by finding the best candidates for the role who are not only competent but will also perform at their best, companies can ensure the productivity of their workforce is at a maximum.

Protection for a business’ brand and image

Hiring the wrong people poses a serious risk to a business’ brand and reputation. The candidate may have lied about their past experience on their CV, and as such do not possess the skills required to competently fulfil the role. This can result in mistakes being made which may affect the confidence of a client or customer or cause a financial loss to the company through negligent practices. There is also an increased risk of fraudulent behaviour or theft if a candidate’s past has not been closely scrutinised. These are all risks which can be easily avoided by carrying out the necessary checks in the first instance.

Financial stability

There are certain professions where solvency is a prerequisite for the role. Accountants, IFAs and in some cases lawyers need to have had a history of solvency to be applicable for the role. If thorough credit and financial checks are not conducted before an appointment, then businesses may find they have to recruit all over again.

Author: Gareth Morgan works for CB Screening, one of the UK’s leading providers of a thorough employee vetting service which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an organisation. Take a look online for the services they offer.