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Writing a short story is not a very difficult task as compared to writing a long novel. Anybody having the potential skills can write a good short story. Get help from the following guide to write a successful story:

Gather Ideas:

A good idea is considered crucial for writing a successful story. So, if you want to write a good story then you must have plenty of ideas from which you can choose the one for writing your story. Before you start looking for a good idea, you must know what it actually is and what qualities it must possess. A good idea is the one that is interesting, inspiring, unique, and has the ability to motivate others. Know that good ideas usually do not come naturally by simply sitting idle and thinking. You need to search for it. There are many ways through which you can get a good idea. You can take the idea of any event happened in your life or in others, like your friends’ or family’s and that you think can inspire others and can bring a positive change in others’ life. You can also observe other things happening around you, and can also write your story about it. Always take a notebook wherever you go and immediately note down important things you observe. You can also get help and suggestion from professional writers who offer story writing, assignment and essay writing online.

Outline The Structure:

Once you have got an idea, now outline the structure of your story. In this way, you will be able to write an effective story without missing any point. The structure of a short story usually includes the following parts:

Introduction: As the name suggests, it is the introduction of the story in which you need to introduce your characters, time, weather and other settings, etc. In short, you need to build a background for your story.
Opening action: It is the beginning of the plot from where the story leads to the main action.
Main/Rising action: It is the central point of the story that reveals what the plot is and leads to the climax.
Climax: It is the crucial section as the story takes a turn here.
Ending action:  It is the concluding point which wraps up the story.
Resolution: It is the ending point of the story where the main conflict is resolved with a satisfying end.

Observe Real People To Get An Inspiration:

Get an inspiration from the real people to make your story sound realistic and not imaginary. Observe the people around you to borrow their attributes that you can use for your characters in your story. It will help you in presenting your characters in a more realistic way.

Start Writing:

Once you are done with selecting an idea, outlining the structure, now start writing your story. Write all the parts of the story one by one. In this, you will be able to present your idea in an effective manner. Try to make your story interesting so that people don’t get bored while reading. Correct all the mistakes before finalizing it.

Author’s Bio:

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