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In these times of a competitive world, employers implement all the right kind of strategies and techniques to hire the right person and still find hiring a daunting task. Keeping in mind the following things will help you, the recruiter, to find the right person.

Have a portrait of the ones you’re looking for

Employers should work well in advance to know exactly what they want from the resource pool and the candidate in particular. A thorough analysis of the job market beforehand would serve a good purpose in providing the right information in the job postings and recruitment helpers. This ensures providing the right and a clear description to the potential candidates. It is also necessary to know beforehand, the places such as the niche where one is more likely to find the desired talent. One may get quite a help from recruitment agencies and other recruiters from similar field who can extend their assistance in chalking out job descriptions and selection of right resumes for the position. One should expand their horizons for employee search by exploring avenues like online job portals, requirement agencies, personal research and others.

Do pre-research and be well prepared

Employers would find quite helpful to prepare some to the point and standard interview questions to be asked from the candidate as a part of prescreening process. Proper preparation should be done to prepare relevant questions to be asked in the prescreening, main interviews and final interviews and efforts should be done so as to present a professional image throughout the process.

Spend more time on job posting

Job ad is an important showcase of the company to the job pool. Thus, it becomes quite necessary to put in some time and efforts in putting together the job posting. One should be specific in the actual requirements for the position and clearly mention the “must” and “haves” that the company is looking forward in a prospective employee. The job advertisement should be clear in conveying to the prospective employee the business needs that may be required to be met through this hiring. Having created a well-written posting with the right usage of words, not only serves as a magnet for the right candidate from the general job market  but also for the employees already working in the niche in similar industries. It should be noted, that recruitment is an ongoing process and single drive may not prove sufficient in finding the desired skill, thus proper thought should be put in to pen down a proper advertisement for the company’s jobs.

Resume is not the only info source

It would do no harm any day to go through the candidate’s background as mentioned his resume and enquire about his credentials and past work history. It is always better to reach out to people who have already worked with the candidate in the past so that the work performance and a general work culture of the person is gauged. This would serve as a good comparison between the resume and the actual experience of the candidate.

Technology will save your time

In the search for the right candidate, one should not shy away from using the tools and the sites available today. Gone are the days when many applications from prospective employees came through snail mails and days were spent in screening the candidate of choice. Many online tools and form submission services are available today, that helps the recruiters in screening thousands of resumes and pick out the candidate with desired skills and experience.

Keep all files organized in one place

Some tools are able to store applicants’ info and attachments in a way that is easy to be viewed and managed. For example, an online form manager PandaForm can help candidates in online submission of their personal information and allow them to upload necessary documents in no time. The various submissions are then screened and extracted information is then presented to the employer in a fashion matching their search criteria. PandaForm allows candidates to upload cover letters and transcripts in pdf form which can then be viewed by the employers online without the need of downloading them. One of the important points favouring the use of such tools is that it provides a professional and streamlined approach to the whole recruitment process, wherein the candidates are encouraged to submit applications and necessary documents and form submission is discouraged unless and until, necessary formalities in terms of documents are not uploaded.

Maintain a relationship

Though rejection is an important part of the recruitment process, it is also an important step, so that a more competent and a better candidate is given the opportunity. Recruiters should strive to maintain a professional outlook throughout the hiring process and notify the unsuccessful people in a way that it demonstrates a sense of dignity and gratitude towards everyone as a candidates.

Vanessa Li is young blogger that loves to write about business and designs.