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When you are going to finish your college in the next few months, you should start thinking how you will be able to get a job right after your graduation. A lot of students don’t take it seriously and unnecessarily delay in taking action but in reality, they should take an appropriate action as soon as possible. If they prepare themselves in advance, the chances of getting highly paid jobs can be greatly increased.  If you are one of those who don’t want to waste time after graduation, you would like to lean about the ways to discover better job opportunities as soon as possible. Below you can read about 7 important things that you must do:

1: Creating an Impressive Profile

One must start sorting out things what he will include in his profile to make it impressive enough for the employers. Include accolades, awards and specific skills you have. If you have had some early jobs such as babysitting or working at summer camp, don’t be afraid of including them in your profile. When you get other practical jobs in future, you can delete early jobs which you don’t want to include in your profile but at the time when you are missing fields, you better use them to adore your profile. 

2: Benefiting from LinkedIn Strength

Adding LinkedIn Strength can be really great for you as you will be able to create a list of important connections. Most adults and professionals have their profiles on LinkedIn and connecting with them will help you discover better job opportunities in future. Most of the students are under the impression that they have their accounts on Facebook which is enough for them to get connected with the people and there is no more need to be found on LinkedIn. However, they must keep in mind that employers look for the candidates on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook pages.

3: Running an Informative Blog

It is believed that there is a very small number of students who have built their presence on blogs or WordPress which is considered to be one of the best option for blogging and if you have not created your space here, do it as soon as possible. Experts also suggest having personal domain name for blogging. A lot of students get confused that what they will be blogging about. Well, you better write about the field or industry in which you are looking to build your career or if you have not decided it yet, you can write about your personal interests as well.

4: Getting Internship with Big Brands

Getting internship is another great step and it is never too early if you start interning. Most of the students understand that getting internship can be really useful for them to get a great job opportunity but only half of them really get it and those who don’t ignore its importance and don’t waste their time before graduating can put this working experience on their profile. For fresh graduate, internship with companies that have wide range of brands can open the closed doors.

5: Finding a Mentor in Your Industry

Those who have mentors in form of parents, teachers, professors or senior students often find the right path that leads them towards a successful career. However, finding a mentor through social networks can be really an excellent idea because there are a large number of professionals on social networks and if you don’t have any experienced person in your family or friends who belongs to the same industry in which you are looking for your career, you better find a mentor in popular social networks as they can give you better suggestions to reach your destination.

6: Using College Career Services

Almost every school offers career services for students so they can be provided necessary assistance they need to decide what could be best for them. Unfortunately, studies have shown that less than 30% students bother to use these services. When you get these services, you are connected with a professional who has been working in the same field in which you have interest and of course, the person from the field will be able to give you better suggestions. The same offices can also provide you with assistance in creating resume, writing cover letter, preparing for job interview and anything else that is necessary for you and therefore, you must take the advantage of it.

7: Join Professional Groups

Studies have shown that less than 20% students prefer to join some field related or professional development groups. Most of the schools have set up their college chapters listing large professional groups and when a student joins a group, he can be connected with professional of the same interest. This can be really an effective way to connect and build good relationships with mentors who will not just provide assistance in preparation but also use their personal contacts to open job opportunities.

About Author: Beth Murrell is MA in English Language and Literature from University of Hertfordshire. She has good humor, and she is stand-up comedy writer. Currently, she is associated in dissertation writing services help – Dissertation Box for the students who need guidance to make excellence in academic writing.