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Recruiting potential candidates through the use of social media has become increasingly popular. You can find out a lot about a person via their activities on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But there are some very common mistakes made by recruiters when they sift through social media. Some of them are so basic that you’d most probably be unaware of them.

Let’s talk about the most common mistakes you might be making while recruiting candidates on social media.

1. Not Having a Proper Identity

Forming a proper identity is a crucial step towards attracting potential job seekers. Most people like to evaluate the company’s culture or ethic before they apply. It helps the candidates to see if it matches their needs or way of thinking. In order to do that, you must know how to attract the audience you wish to target.

Having a profile picture is a great start. It can either be a logo of a company, type based or something reflecting your company.

Having a proper identity helps build trust and shows legibility and professionalism.

2. Lack of Strategy and Approach

You must start your social media approach with particular goals you have in mind. They help define your vision. It also keeps your approach managed. Good strategies yield great results.

There are many programs to measure the hits you receive. Find out what suits your particular needs, but first you need to know what your needs even are and clearly define them.

3. Not Defining your Targeted Audience

A common blunder made by recruiters is not defining their targeted audience.  You need to make sure that the goals you have set suit the needs of your targeted audience. Keep a target in mind. This will help you filter out exactly who you’re looking for.

This will help increase your social presence as well as learning about your audience. Once you have a target set in mind, you’d know the time to post your content and your audience’s particular needs and psyche.

4. Failing to Engage and Form Relationships

You might not always be in need of recruitment. Meanwhile, engaging with your followers is a great way to keep your candidates interested. You can do that by building your brand identity.

Social media provides a great way to communicate with the online community. You can use it to build trust and establish good relationships. Remain active in social media. When the right time comes, you can use it to recruit people of great talent you’ve built good relationships with over time.

5. Posting Irrelevant Content

Pretty soon you run of things you had planned to say. When that happens, you start posting irrelevant content for the sake of remaining active. This can have an adverse reaction. Your audience will start to think you are not a serious personality. They will lose motivation and think you just post spam. And nobody likes spam. This will cause people to unfollow or block you.

Try posting content relevant to your company’s mission statements and target a group within your profession.  Otherwise, potential employees would just ignore you.

6. Not Targeting Passive Candidates

The most common mistake a recruiter might make is not targeting passive candidates. Passive candidates are those who are not actively seeking a job, but might do so in the near future.

You should engage with and build relationships with your passive candidates as well. When they start to look for a job, they might already keep your company in mind.

7. Being Judgemental

In social media, it is very common to judge someone too quickly. Recruiters can make the same mistake. Based on any small thing, you might quickly dismiss a possible candidate who would have been perfect for your company. The reverse is also true.

What can otherwise also happen is the recruitment of someone based on experience. He can then turn out to be non-serious about his job.

For the sake of your company, valuable time and hard work, do not judge someone too quickly. Carefully look a candidate over before deciding if the person is suitable. Who knows, first impressions can always be wrong.

About Author:

Esperanza Denise is a HR manager for a fresh new startup that is dedicated to offering dissertation writing UK. She’s also into sketching, painting, designing and blogging, and she spends most of her time finding something new to do.