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In this age of technology, it has become really easy to search for potential candidates. Just search a large number of freelancers on different recruiting websites, monitor their work, see their ratings and hire them.

List of recruiting websites

Some of the websites include
• Monster
• Glassdoor
• LinkedIn
• CloudPeeps
• TheLadders
• Indeed
• Career Builder
• Dice.

Diane Helbig, Growth Accelerator & Change Agent says that, startups have to develop a certain clarity of what kind of function do they want. They cannot afford to have a lack of clarity because that will make them hire random people who will be good for nothing for them. So, in order to avoid this issue, startups need to have a clear idea about the function they need to fill and the solution that can save them from hiring someone.

Hire Employees that Thrive at Each Stage of a Startup

You need employees that thrive at each stage of a startup and work with little guidance and oversight. They have to be the ones who can learn new tasks as fast as possible. The best possible way to search for it is by looking for adaptable people who have worked in similar environments. Check the adaptability of an employee through a medium of freelancing. Look for other companies who are following the same strategy. Automattic is one such company that tests the adaptability skills of a potential employee by having him complete paid tasks with the team before hiring him.

Hire a team that can wear many hats

Since you are a growing company so you will need people who can do various tasks. For example, you will need a search marketer that can test Twitter, Facebook, and radio campaigns.

Hire specialists as your company grows

When your company starts evolving, hire those experts who have an enormous amount of knowledge about a particular area. For example, if you find that Google Adwords can help you strengthen your growth strategy and your budget allows you to hire a full-time PPC manager, then go ahead. It will have a massive impact on the growth of your company.

Write better job descriptions

Writing better jobs descriptions is another way to hire the right candidates for your company. You have to be really careful while writing a job description as a bad job description can deter a candidate from applying. A study recently conducted by United States and Canada suggest that those companies that write detailed descriptions of responsibilities and requirement often deter the qualified candidates from applying. In this study, researchers emphasized on two different approaches:

  • Demands-Abilities" approach
  • "Needs-Supplies" approach

On the basis of these two approaches, they rewrote 56 job descriptions. They received total 991 responses, out of which responses to "Needs-Supplies" job listings were higher than "Demands-Abilities" job listings.

This proves that writing better job descriptions create an impact on the process of hiring.

Embrace digital trends and social media

Most people like to work at the companies that remain aware of the latest trends of technology. They prefer working for the companies that value the latest trends of technology. MIT and Deloitte conducted a survey where they found that a massive number of people, aged 22 to 60, choose working for digitally enabled organizations. The companies that stay ahead of the other companies in terms of technology attract more people and retain the current employees. So, before hiring a person, evaluate the current standing of the company. Embrace social media trends more and more so that you can attract more people to apply at your company.

Focus on soft skills

Instead of being pigeonholed into thinking that only the person who has exact kind of experience that is required for the job, consider his social skills too. The truth is that he can acquire the skills but not the personality. If the personality you have chosen is not a team player or a good communicator then you are doomed because these are necessary skills. The right candidate for you is the one who has social intelligence, strong communication and interpersonal skills along with a proper thought process. He should be able to work well with others. So, before inducting anyone in your organization, focus on soft skills too along with the necessary skills.

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