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HR manager plays an important role in a company. The decision that HR managers makes and every activity that HR managers gets involved in a company can definitely influence the overall functioning of company. None of the firm in the world can build an efficient team of employees without Human Resources manager who can handle the employees and their needs as well as issues wisely. The key functions of HR manager consist of recruiting people, training people, carry out employee performance assessments, inspire and motivate employees to work better, improve the working atmosphere, develop workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more.

Mistakes can happen to everyone and a person who every intelligent and careful in his actions can also make mistakes in his life. Most of the times, mistakes give great learning opportunities for the people. However, the outcome of your mistakes will be nasty when you make mistakes as a HR manager. If you work in human resources, you take several duties on your shoulders. Remember that a small or simple mistake by HR could cost your company hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, they should know the worst and common mistakes every HR manager make and how to avoid them.

Here are 5 worst mistakes every HR manager should avoid to excel in their work:

1. Recruitment and Training Mistakes

HR managers of all experience levels should be able to make sensible and ideal decisions when it comes to employee recruitment and training. Without a doubt, employee recruitment and training is one of the main accountabilities of the human resource team or HR manager. Most of the managers use to make mistake when their hire people and give training to them, which can lead to a lot of issues and affect objectives of company badly. Therefore, HR managers should make sure to come up with practical plans and tactics for hiring the right people to their organization. They should plan a workable approach, which is best suitable for a certain job description and company objectives.

2. Showing Partiality

One of the worst and most common mistakes committed by HR managers is showing partiality. Some of the HR managers used to have a special liking to someone in the office and also will see others in a prejudiced mind. Showing partiality will lead to many issues inside and outside office. Employees will start to talk against the HR managers and will not be eager to work under his if he is prejudiced or partial. Hence, HR managers should be impartial and it will help them to build up a positive and encouraging working environment.

3. Wage and Hour Rules

Wage and hour rules are one of the fields where many HR managers used to make mistakes every now and then. HR mistakes can have severe headaches for a company. Wage and hour rules missteps can generate distrust between employees and employers. Iota can also reduce employee engagement and unhelpfully have an effect on the company brand. So, HR managers should have a detailed understanding about Wage and hour rules and they should execute it with no slip-ups.

4. Hasty Hires and Promotions

Another common mistake committed by HR managers includes hasty hires and promotions. It shows lack of planning and clear-cut objectives. HR managers should take time for hiring and understand why they should hire people now. Promoting the wrong person without thinking about it is a costly move from HR managers. So, HR managers have to maintain a cool head and should not get into pointless hurry when it comes to hiring and promotion.

5. Lack Of Communication

HR managers should not overlook the importance of communication between employers and employees. They have to make sure to communicate with the employers every so often as it will help you to understand that everything in the company is going as planned. Communicating with employees every time lets HR leaders to understand their needs, issues and things that they have to do to promote employee well being. When you do not provide feedback or communicate with employees, you are not giving them any value and deny the chance to get better their performance.

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