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Discrimination exists in almost every angle with accusations such as “you’re too short”, “you started it”, “and you’re too fat”, so on and so forth. The practice of the blame game has long existed since the dawning of mankind and even more sadly, exists even as of today. Whether it is a bully at school trying to evade being reprimanded from teachers by blaming you, or a sibling framing you for breaking your parents’ vase, the victimization process doesn’t appear to be fading away anytime soon.

This erratic but occasional practice, has also regrettably been witnessed in the workplace environment where people have been unfairly been criticized for their height, incomplete academic achievements, less work experience or gender like having a woman being a part of a predominant male community. To help you muster out of your prejudiced predicament, have a go at the given list of solutions:

1. Maintain a cool self-esteem

The bullies at the office will try everything to belittle your character and self-esteem by pushing names and derogations which do not accurately reflect your character. Realize that they are only trying to get under your skin and knowing that they are not going to get anywhere with this, the best thing you can do is just ignore them and maintain a firm grip on your mood swings. Do not go down to their level of foul play, and remain steadfast to the commitment you solemnly swore to the company without being brought down by unsightly traits.

2. Talk it out with someone you know

If you feel that your relationship with the company is being jeopardized by your accuser’s constant bickering and unjust labeling, try to talk it out with someone who can help you soften up this crisis.This someone could be a close colleague of yours in the office, a family member or better yet, your own boss who is empathic and understanding of your situation. In the end, talking about your difficult situation with a close contact, friend or kin member can soften up your troubles and worries.

3. Do not back away from something you have no hand in

When you are constantly being put into a picture that is disproportionately colored or framed and you know that this is not the case, you must never back away from this, especially if your own job is on the line. Look your accusers in the eyes and let them know that you will never back down from something that doesn’t even involve you in the slightest way possible.

4. Address your accusers head on

Scoundrels at work don’t want word to spread about how badly they messed up at work, so they try to swiftly maneuver their way out of their “unfair” situation by putting the blame on you. The accuser will try all they can to insist that you were the one responsible for interfering in their work when you didn’t, and make it seem like none of it was their fault when it is. If you have a good and honest alibi, you must never run away from your blamer and address the matter personally with your boss against them. Present your side of the story with solid concrete evidence and relate the whole situation in a calm and polite manner.

5. Look for solutions that could benefit you and the company

When the situation comes down to a staggering boiling point, it would be wise to start networking and come in contact with your office buddies so that you can collaborate with one another and tackle this bully as a unit. You can even get in touch with your supervisor to have this disaster sorted out before it escalates beyond control.

About the author

Lara Pole works at dissertation corp as a media manager. She’s also a blog enthusiast with a core specialty in topics like career development, workplace ethics, etc