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This is an era of intense competition in which employers have to recruit or select best talent in order to meet their organizational requirements. Therefore, there are human resource managers as well as recruiters anticipating issues regarding the selection of introverts and extroverts. Though, these distinct sorts of people essentially behave and respond in a certain manner because of their nature in reality. Therefore, these people could be easily divided into two main types and these types are basically known as introverts and extroverts. As far as introverts are concerned, these people actually do not like to interact with others as they sometimes lack confidence or do not express themselves due to many other reasons.

On the other hand, extroverts are those sorts of people who want to socialize and at the same time develop effective relationships with others at their workplaces. As a result, they are mostly appreciated by their colleagues as they take pride in helping other employees in the best possible way.  This is an important aspect to consider that both introverts and extroverts have to work with each other in the organization as they cannot be separated with each other due to their actions and behavior practically.

With the passage of time, the recruitment of both introverts and extroverts is becoming a huge challenge as they possess different characteristics or personalities. Thus, it is better to realize the significance of both these types of individuals because the organizations need a combination of these types of people to a certain extent.

However, there are 5 most valuable and amazing types of careers in which introverts and extroverts can easily work together. With the help of these below-mentioned careers, both types of people could become quite successful and because of this reason any organization would be able to perform above the expectations. Hence, human resource managers who want to know in which fields introverts and extroverts can be selected are described as follows:       

1.       Professional Writer

Writing is one of the most demanding fields that have shown a lot of promises to introverts and extroverts, therefore, human resource managers could recruit both of them for the same field. This is crucial to comprehend this aspect that both these sorts of personalities can become influential because there are people in the world who want to express themselves with the help of words. For that reason, people who are shy or progress both can provide desired outcomes in this domain. 

2.     Software Engineer

This is a kind of an area in which both introverts and extroverts could achieve success to some extent. It is a unique field in which a lot of innovation and creativity is highly required and at the same time professionals need to interact with other employees as the lot of information has to be shared with others too. This is due to the fact that software engineering needs both qualities of introverts and extroverts as sometimes people have to work as creative and at times they also have to communicate or express themselves. Therefore, human resource recruiters could recruit both types of personalities for this specific job.   

3.    Customer Service Representatives

This is a misconception which needs to be changed that customer service field is excellent only for introverts because shy people cannot work in this domain as they are unable to talk with clients for long hours. At times, this aspect has been observed that people who do not interact with people directly during gatherings or function could become effective customer support persons if they have to communicate with others on the phone. Therefore, the domain of customer could be assumed as ideal for both introverts and extroverts too.

4.    Graphic Designer

The field of graphic designing has turned out to be more progressive and creative as people need to develop attractive designs and they have to interact with lots of clients continuously. Hence, it could be perceived that both extroverts and introverts could join this field in a successful manner. This scenario is quite encouraging for recruiters because they can hire both types of personalities for this post quite easily.

5.     Logistician

The field of supply chain management should be considered by introverts and extroverts type of people in the desired way. As far as the importance of this area in current business management situation is concerned, logisticians provide long-term solutions to different problems. Most of the time they are required to develop and implement influential business strategies for the sake of simplifying the distribution channels of organizations in the finest possible manner. This field actually needs interaction and analytical skills because people need to be creative as well as progressive due to the fact they have to perform different sorts of communications with suppliers and customers.

Considering the importance of logistics in the field of business management, human resource recruiters could ideally use the skills of both introverts and extroverts to a definite extent.       

Wrapping Up

Professionals who belong to the field of human resource need to use this above described scenario in order to obtain desired outcomes. With the help of these fields or careers, they are allowed to select candidates who are introverts as well as extroverts both. Thus, this situation becomes much more effective and easier for human resource persons in reality to the next level. 

Author Bio:

Kendall Jenner is a passionate learner of Human Resource as she has explored different dimensions in this field during her progressive career. These days, she is interacting with young HR professionals in order to provide Dissertation Help through her informative and engaging blogs.