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Downsizing has now become an integral part for most of the companies. It does not come as a surprise for many employees who have received a layoff notice at least once in their careers. But, it is not something that is enjoyed by the authorities; letting go of the employees is among the most heart-wrenching acts an organization goes through. The important thing to consider is to treat the employees with utmost respect and dignity while you break this news to them. Take a look at the following things that the HR professionals must keep in mind for laying off their employees in the most respectful and compassionate way:

1. Avoid Making Discriminatory Statements At All Costs

Whatever the reason may be behind the decision of letting go of an employee, you cannot make discriminatory statements or make him feel that they are being wrongfully terminated. There are very strict laws for both so one should stay very careful in this regard. The HR department must stay involved while giving good advice to the managers on what they can’t and can say to the employees.

2. Keep The Matter Within Closed Doors

You have no right to insult someone publicly. As much as you think that your intention is to just hand over a notice to an employee, the other person may feel embarrassed and insulted. This is a personal issue and it should be discussed within closed doors with their supervisors and not from people they do not know at all i.e. the HR professionals.

3. Refrain From Breaking Such A News Through Social Media

No matter how important the role of emailing, texting or tweeting is in communications, there are some conversations that work better face to face. Since this news is never good news for the employee, it is much better if you hold a private meeting and share your plan of letting him go in person. The employee has worked hard and gave endless hours to your organization, the least you can do is show some respect while laying him off.

4. Express Empathy For The Employee

Not every employee would react the same way after receiving the layoff notice; some might get angry, some may cry and some may even accept the news immediately. Nonetheless, your job is to show compassion and empathy for the employee after breaking such news. Make sure you have a tissue box ready if they wish to cry, let them air the grievances if they want to and even let them rave and rant as long as they do not become disruptive to the workplace.

5. Offer Guidance And Your Support To The Employee

It would be very rude if you just break the bad news to the employee and toss him out the door. Before he leaves, make sure you help him learn all about the available outplacement options that the company offers. If he is a good employee, then agree to provide him good references for future. But, do not get too emotional upon seeing the employee depressed and give him hope of reversing this decision. Show utmost compassion but, at the same time, make it clear to the employee that there is no room for any appeal against the decision of letting him go.

Always keep in mind the famous saying: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You never know what tomorrow brings for you; the tide may turn any moment. So, the best thing you could do is to treat your employees with respect even if you are letting them go, and prove yourself to be a person with a kind and compassionate heart.

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