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This is an era of advancement in which many organizations are developing different ways through which they can improve the performance level of their employees to certain extent. Therefore, the domain or field of human resources is not an exception at all because the professionals who are working in this field have a huge role to play in enhancing the extent of employee commitment and engagement.  Considering the importance of HR in the development or success of every organization, there are 5 most valuable online HR tools discussed that can enhance the level of employee management to the next level. 

In order to become successful HR managers in the future, people are needed to use these 5 mind-blowing online HR tools in the right manner. These tools are explained as follows:


When it comes to conducting the task of employee performance management in the best possible way then this tool should be used by all HR professionals. With the help of this amazing and productive tool, managers are able to measure the performance of their employee because this tool provides rating scales by which managers can easily observe the significant as well as grey areas of their employees.

2.    Zenefits

This is another innovative tool that is offering many valuable services to HR people in the field of human resources for so many years. This tool actually offers different services such as employee self-service, benefits administration, vacation time tracking and on or off boarding payroll as well.  By the help of this wonderful online resource, HR managers specifically are attaining different kinds of advantages making their job quite easy and productive in the end.

3.    Harvest

At times being a HR manager you are needed to manage the working hours of different employees working on any specific project then during these situations the effectiveness of this tool comes into play. The working hours of both permanent and daily wages employees can be easily calculated with the help of this proficient tool to a large extent. This tool can also be used in the form of mobile app in order to save your precious time while you are travelling. Therefore, this tool is getting so much fame and acceptance these days because of its performance and reliability.

4.    Smartsheet

Most of the time HR professionals are required to perform the activity of coordination in the desired manner. Therefore, during these scenarios they are recommended to use the online HR tool which is commonly as smart sheet.  This is crucial to understand this aspect that various forms of documents can be easily procured with the help of this tool. At the same time, employees working hours can also be recorded in an appropriate way. In this way managers can evaluate the performance of each and every project in a detailed manner.

The best part about this tool is that different kinds of employees’ tasks can be efficiently reprioritized in a better way. As a result, the productivity level of different employees could be improved to the next level without assigning further work or tasks to them.

5.    Paychex

This online HR tool has been developed for the purpose of providing more comfort and convenience to HR managers who are managing the payroll functions of small businesses. Employees are allowed to check their salary account and at the same time they can also check their taxes and vacation to certain extent. Employees are provided login information so that they can use this online tool according to their own needs in a sufficient way. In general, this online resource provides complete HR solutions to all HR managers who are managing different kinds of small businesses or organizations.

Final Words

The field of Human resource has become much more challenging and demanding with the passage of time because the issues of employee management have been increased as well. Therefore, HR managers should use the above mentioned tools in order to improve their performances and at the same time they can also influence the performances of their employees in a positive way. In a nutshell, these resources have become indispensable for most of the HR professionals as these tools have certainly played a key role in the success of various organizations.

Author Bio:
Angela Luis is herself an HR manager by profession having years of experience in the field of Human Resources. Apart from this, she likes to spend time on different social media platforms with the help of her blog “Dissertation Writing Service”.