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Hiring a candidate is a lot of hassle for any organization; posting for the job position, conducting interviews of the shortlisted candidates, hiring one and then providing him appropriate training for the job surely takes a lot of time. On the other hand, internal hiring is a perfect option with businesses, as it is extremely easy and cost effective to hire someone who is already working in your company.

But, it is not an easy task to interview someone who is already trained and working in the company. It is extremely important for the interviewer to put all his efforts in taking such an interview. Take a look at the following great and useful tips that will help you conduct perfect interview from within the organization:

1. Keep A Close Eye On The Attitude Of The Employee

The internal interview is pretty informal as compared to the external interview since you are hiring someone from within and you already know that person. However, the employee’s attitude and body language should be closely monitored during the interview process; notice their clothing, hairstyle, body language, way of talking, etc. Nonetheless, you must treat the employee with extreme respect and sincerity like you would treat any other candidate.

2. Keep An Open Minded While Taking The Interview

You are absolutely wrong if you think you know the employee and what they are good at and what they are not. Start interviewing with an open mind so that you might discover something new that you did not know about the employee before. Just because you are already working with the employee does not mean that he can perform well at the new position as well. Asking questions that you already know the answers of makes no sense. Your focus should solely be at getting any additional or information that you are not aware of.

3. Ask Some Behavioural Questions

An advantage of hiring from within the workplace is that the employees are already aware of the type of work the company needs. Ask questions that will show if they still adhere to the principles and if they are able to overcome any difficulty that the company faces with extreme ease. Closely notice if they are even willing to be hired for this certain position.

4. Evaluating The Internal Employees

Interview is not the only thing that tells you everything about the candidate. Since they are working under the same roof as you, they should prove themselves by working properly rather than relying solely on their performance during the interview. In order to evaluate a candidate, you can give him a sample assignment before the interview so that it is easy for you to judge him on the day of the interview.

5. Check Employee’s Suitability For The Job Position

Do not interview if you think the employee is not applicable for the job. An internal interview should be conducted only if you think an employee is eligible for the post. Since the candidates are still around you in the workplace, it is extremely important to treat them with respect, even if they are not suitable for the job.

Internal hiring encourages employees to work hard and give their best. In today’s fast moving world with increased economy, hiring from within is an extremely sensible and a very cheap choice. There are several companies that spend a large amount of money on interviewing candidates externally but most of them end up hiring from within. In order to help your company grow, it is very important to hire quality employers with your eyes wide opened. Follow the tips above and take your company to the next level.

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