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Interviewing for a job is a nerve-wracking process. It’s excellent that your resume has been shortlisted among the hundreds of other candidates, but now an interview calls for you to step up your game. You need to prove your abilities to some extent in person, and convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Like it or not, the interviewer is a human being and one would have to make a good impression on them, which includes wearing the right clothes.

Deciding what to wear is a huge deal when it comes to an interview, then. Below are a few general tips to keep in mind while selecting the perfect combination:

1. It’s Okay To Be Slightly Overdressed

You might feel that you shouldn’t dress up too much for a job. It may make you seem overeager or desperate. However, dressing up (even if it’s a tad much) is quite acceptable and even appreciated. So if the job is that of a waiter, mechanic or post office worker; don’t go dressed for the job, go dressed for an interview. The interviewer would most likely be pleased that you gave him respect and that you care about getting the job.

2. Play It Safe

Sure, you might feel that as punk rock is your jam, you want to show your potential employers just what they’re getting. But is showcasing your taste in music really worth losing a job over? Plus, jewelry should be according to the nature of the job, and perfume/cologne should be avoided. You never know what allergies the interviewer might have.

Stay safe with your dressing, erring on the conservative side, so that the interviewer wouldn’t have to think twice about hiring you based on your clothing or tattoos.

3. Remember The Job Shortage

There hasn’t been a recent world war (thankfully), so there is no shortage of labor. So you can count yourself lucky to even get an interview for one. Provided you are not some high-level sought-after business director or manager, you can safely assume that the interviewers are not hankering to hire you above all other applicants. Harsh, but it’s the truth. So go in with a respectful attitude, simple and neat dressing, and show your future employers that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring you.

4. Make Use Of The Internet

You have the world’s information at your fingertips now. Research the company who has called you for an interview to get a sense of how their dressing and mindset is like. For example, if you were applying to become a personal shopper, you would probably want to dress up in the height of fashion, yet still on the muted side. Alternatively, if you were to interview for a job as a salesperson in a hippie clothing store, you probably would want to go quite casual. A suit isn’t always the answer to every interview attire dilemma.

5. Ask For Help

One should never be too proud or afraid to ask for assistance. If your own research fails you, the HR department of the company who’s interviewing you can be called up for advice on what to wear. Of course, you could always take a help of personal shoppers from large stores such as Macy’s.

Presenting a neat look is the key; for more details, one should always trust their own judgment as well as a certain amount of comfort. Once you present a good appearance, one that makes you stand out as a superior applicant, the job may very well be yours.

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