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Recruitment is a process that involves screening, selecting and hiring of job seekers. In today’s cutthroat job market, most organizations rely on recruitment agencies to supply them human capital. A recruitment agency can perform a number of jobs for their clients from scheduling and screening to selecting and managing their human resource.

Recruiters are employees themselves, even though you’ve outsourced them. Therefore, they are required to exhibit all qualities that a result-oriented employee possesses. They need to be punctual, accommodating, productive and technologically aware. So, if you are a recruiter, this article will provide you with a list of 5 common traits that a company can expect from you.

1. Networking Skills

The profession of recruitment relates to public relations. Recruiters need to engage with people in some way. It is important that you share a connection with people on personal and professional level. Without radically involving with employers and workers, recruiters cannot build a strong network. When you build a strong relationship with your clients, you earn their trust.

When an employer hires you as a contractor, it just should not be about a business affair. Rather, you should take interest on a personal level so that he feels attached and build a deeper and stronger bond with you. Ultimately, you will gain their acknowledgment that will last for long time.

2. Excellent Marketing And Selling Skills

Truly successful recruiters possess excellent persuasion skills. They are able to attract potential heads by advertising their services using traditional and new media advertising mediums. They pool best talents from different industries and are able to direct them towards the right opportunity. They are even able to use their negotiation skills to settle on the right compensations for the candidates.

3. Interpersonal Skills

As a recruiter, you have to interact with clients on daily basis. So, if you lack the temperament to deal with a nagging employer or a frustrated job seeker, you have no role in this business. Being an agent between employer and job seeker, you need to accommodate both parties and remain calm or flexible while dealing with them. However, you cannot do it if you lack excellent interpersonal skills.

Be a good communicator and listen carefully to your clients. As a recruiter and consultant, you should empathize with their situation and understand their needs. Even if you cannot meet their expectations, you should make them comfortable in one way or the other. In this way, they will feel a sense of reassurance and ask you for suggestions instead of getting in conflict with you.

4. Technology Savvy

LinkedIn and Facebook have over 2.3 billion of users who are consuming a great deal of their time on these social media platforms. This is why successful recruiters should have the knack of using technology. As a recruiter, you cannot stay ahead of your competitors without getting an exposure to such a phenomenal audience.

Brand your name among your target audience, i.e. employers and job seekers. Promote your business through social sites and create a fan page on LinkedIn and Facebook.

5. Time Management Skills

To establish as a reliable recruiter, you must show excellent time management skills. If you fail to supply human capital to your client within given deadline, he will think twice working with you again. Similarly, if your workers cannot get their wages on time, they will never trust you in future.

Successful recruiters are multi-taskers. They do various tasks at the same time without feeling burnt out. They are able to do this because they are time-conscious and therefore efficiently manage and organize their daily tasks. Emerge as a productive recruiter by utilizing every second of your time.


Vanessa Collister is an insanely passionate writer with a love to reading and passion for writing. She loves to talk about trending topics in the area of technology, education, social media, etc. she currently works at Assignment Kingdom ( as a senior consultant.