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For an employer, writing a job description is the equivalent of an employee writing a resume. Just as there are several applicants for a job, there are several jobs always line up for a superior applicant. A well-detailed and attractive job description stands out and can potentially enhance your company, brand, or venture by drawing people that are ideally suited to it. A description between around 700 to 1000 words has been known to be the most effective in garnering applicants.

Here are a few more tips on writing the perfect job descriptions below:

1. Write About Precisely About The Duties

A job’s duties should be apparent from the job title itself. This is by no means a small task, as the title has to reflect the criteria required from the candidate; the tasks of the job; and the basis for the contract between the employee and the employer. For example, the title ‘Management Officer’ is extremely vague and doesn’t really tell a candidate what he/she will be managing, or what skills are required. On the other hand, the title ‘School Academic Administrator’ would probably attract candidates with some experience and degree in education and management, which is what the job requires.

2. Mention About Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

A proper job description would have a clear listing of the expected duties of the successful candidate. It is best if the task listing comes with an expected time in which the respective tasks are to be completed. The time doesn’t have to be in hours, but most likely in percentages, for example, 20% of the time would be spent in filing 40% in retail, etc. Descriptions of the tasks themselves don’t have to be too detailed but should contain the task name, its purpose, and how it can be done. No frivolous or flowery language is required or appreciated.

3. Specify The Skills Set And Competences

The skills and competencies a job requires should be given in separate columns or lists within a job description. These are two different matters that a candidate considered separately. Skills are what a person can perform and has performed in the past. Competencies are the attributes of a person or worker that can be expected of them in the future based on their qualification. For example, if someone has studied business management, it is safe to say that they should be competent at running a business, even if they have not developed business skills yet. Modern job descriptions also list innate traits as competencies, such as charisma, leadership, communication and initiative.

4. Be Clear About Reporting Authorities

A job description should make it clear who the applying candidate would be answerable to if he or she is successful. The line of reporting should be clear and defined so that after getting the job, the employee knows who to be compliant to. It is also beneficial for the candidate to get an idea of the hierarchy or power structure of a company before applying for a job there.

5. Include The Payment And Increment Policy

It is only a professional courtesy to include a salary range for a certain position. This would make your description be competitive when compared with those for similar positions in other companies. A salary range also allows flexibility according to the applicant’s level of education, expertise, and inner traits. An attractive feature of a job description is also the possibility of increments, bonuses and other means by which an employee could climb up the ladder. Any candidate needs to know that he or she won’t be working in this position forever, but will have the chance to move forward.

Wrapping Up…

The person writing a job description has an important job since this is a way to market your company. Writing effective job descriptions entails giving the details of a job without going too much into unnecessary descriptions so that it is both easy and alluring to read.

Author Bio:

Katey Martin is a freelance essay writing writer who prefers writing on the employer-employee relationships. She believes that by making this relationship better, the dynamic of the workplace could be enhanced. You can connect with her on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.