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You are not alone, if you are seeking to save money on college commuting.

A large number of students commute to college every day for their lectures through different means of transportation.

I know it helps save a lot of bucks on your room and on various other facilities, but how do you manage to save money on your college commute? 

As I was reading some previous surveys, I came across a survey by U.S. News that approximately 19% of students commuted to college in the year 2013.

This percentage is quite low and hence, reveals that the rest percentage of students preferred to stay at campus. 

However, on further reading U.S. News, I found that from 2014 to 2015, students paid an average $9,999 for their room and board.

Usually freshmen students opt to live at home or off campus to save money for their tuition and to pay for other expenses.

However, many students don’t favor commuting to college, because they believe that it costs them more.

Well, I have been commuting to college since the first day and have saved a lot of money. Based on my experience I am sharing some tips with you.

Hope you find these ways to save money on your college commute convenient enough:

1. Choosing the most feasible option for college commuting

You can either commute to college by car, bus or bike. Whereas, walking down the road side to college is a matchless option to save money.

Well, I know not everyone is comfortable in travelling through bus or can daily manage to commute on a bike, especially when your college is located at a long distance.

But, if you are living near your college then you can commute on your personal car, if it is maintenance and fuel costs are funded by your family. Commuting on your car to college will help you save a big amount.

However, commuting to college on bike or bus fairly helps in saving money, but not time. Those who drive back home by car save a lot of time and are able to work on their assignments, as they are lucky enough to avoid traffic.

I used to commute through bus, but I was always able to complete my assignments on time, just because of assignment labs. Their assistance always helped me out to submit my work on time.

2. The most optimum commuting option, if saving money is your ultimate goal.

Anyways, as per my knowledge some colleges offer public transport to their students, completely free. Hence, you can seek to enroll at one of such colleges and save money to your college commute.

Based on my experience, if a student’s priority to save money, then he should either opt to commute on a public bus or bike.

Commuting to college on car is time saving, but its fuel, maintenance and other related costs will convince you to drop the idea of studying at a college.

Besides, your bike ride is completely free and has minimum maintenance cost. Comparatively, you can save a lot during your college days and spend the saved money on your tuition and other important expenses.

But, its tool kit, helmet, gloves, front and rear lights might add up to its cost. However, it still remains the best option to save commuting cost.

3. Public transport wins the race, when its about saving money on college commute

Public transport i.e. bus, saves you from all sorts of maintenance cost, but you have to pay the minimum transportation charges. This commuting option is far less expensive.

As mentioned some colleges offer free public transportation, they actually pay the cost on behalf of their students. Some colleges grant a concession in public transportation charges.

The bus routes of public transport are sometimes prepaid by the colleges, which they charge from the students in the tuition fee. Also, some colleges offer transport fee waiver to students above 62 and to their college employees. So, in either of any cases, you can save money on college commuting.

So, these are some of the ways, which you can adopt to save money on your college commute. Hope they are significant enough to help you.

Last but not the least, if your college is located few miles away then there is no hassle of picking a transportation option and all your commuting cost is saved.

You are quite lucky if you already live near a relevant college or you can choose to live near your favorite one.


Kaelynn Bailee is a HR manager working for a new start up that provides both educators and learners a platform to meet and discuss everything education. She also loves blogging and from time to time write blogs for other blogs.